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12 of 12: When I found myself in Jakarta

Happy New Year! This is my first entry for 2017. It's strange saying that still. 2017 feels so new and yet I still find myself thinking and writing 2016 when I put the date down. But hey, new beginnings, and yeah, a new place for the meantime.

Well, I'm in Jakarta. It's something I didn't think I'd be saying when 2016 ended. But here I am anyway. Work has assigned me to work out of Jakarta on weekdays for a couple of weeks and it's my first week here. It reminds me a lot of Manila and I'm both nervous and excited about the assignment so here's a bit of my day.

- Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
- Post the pictures chronological order
- Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
- Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

01. 12:13am, Setiabudi
So I've been very lucky to have a pretty sweet suite for the duration of my stay here. The place is huger than the house we live in in Singapore and just wow. Service apartments are pretty good. We're not in the city centre but we do get a view of it. Not bad.

02. 01:31am, Setiabudi
However, unlike Singapore where I can go out and run when I please, I don't feel like I can quite do that here. So it's good the gym is 24 hours. I'm not a big treadmill jogger but I'll make do. I'm proud I got on it to begin with. I know it's not the treadmill, I actually did forget to take a photo. And as you'll see, I'll forget more.

03. 01:52am, Setiabudi
I love a good airbnb but when i get put up at a hotel, I love the toiletries. In Kuala Lumpur, there was Peter Thomas Roth and now Malin + Goetz. I feel so spoiled and really things I wouldn't normally try unless Sayaka gave me samples so this is always a fun part that sounds silly but I love it.

04. 08:36am, Setiabudi
and it's only a one-hour difference from Singapore but I shockingly feel it. I wake up the same time I do as singpaore except that means it's only 6am here and I'm sleepy already when I'm at the office at 5pm because it's 6pm in singapore. So this is the strange kind of jet lag but I'll adjust eventually, I'm sure.

05. 09:46am, Setiabudi
Another amazing thing? Free breakfast. I don't eat breakfast in Singapore because I don't wake up early enough and I'm too lazy to do anything, really. Sosa breakfast buffet is my dream come true. And I'm sure weary travellers are sick of hotel breakfast, but I'm raring at it. I can also have baked beans everyday. This is not even a joke.

06. 11:12am, my desk
the office is on the 27th floor and it has windows. And this sounds silly but I miss high rises and offices with windows and so all of this novelty is still very much A+ to me. And yes, it's Google Calendar also known as my life, scheduling meetings and getting to know the lay of the land. Exciting and scary stuff.

07. 01:14pm, my desk
Also, they have Koi milk here too! I haven't had milk tea from Koi in quite some time so its nice to have it and try out the delivery services here. Traffic is pretty bad but I guess it's not something I'm surprised about having grown up in Manila after all, so over-all I'm excited to try out all the delivery services if it means Koi everyday.

08. 03:38pm, meeting room
A meeting room with a shag rug and a couch and bean bags? I'm sure this is the stuff of start-up stereotypes but it's always nice to have it, still. I brought my trusty block heels (my second pair of this style) and one of my favourite pleated skirts. I was actually sort of matching with another colleague and was tempted to take a 'twinsies' photo but didn't want to come off too weird too soon. I have time for that.

09. 07:26pm, grocery
Oh and there's a grocery at the bottom of the building I work in. I don't do groceries at all in Singapore and I don't think I will here either but it was nice to go get some orange juice and popcorn because you know, necessities. Clearly, I'm horrible at house management. What is a grocery list again?

10. 07:56pm, Setiabudi
And I have a TV with cable! I know, stop laughing at my silliness. I don't have netflix here so it's channel surfing and it was The Little Mermaid. I miss this movie and didn't realise Prince Eric was pretty cute. The animation has come a long way since then but the music and this movie is love.

11. 08:28pm, Setiabudi
Oh look, more deliveries for me. I wish I ordered more wings to be honest. The last time jamypye and i had wings, we could barely finish it, so I ordered modesty and clearly I finished it really quickly. I could have done 10 wings easily. Oh well. I know better for next time. yes, there will be one.

12. 11:01pm, Vin+ Arcadia
Whut. Patty went out? After staying at home? yes, I did. Ami was in town and I didn't see her in Singapore the last time we were supposed to meet so I though it was but right that I make it up to her. And it got me researching nice little cafe bars and we found a nice cellar that has so much wine. We split a bottle of white and it was a great way to end the evening.

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