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Best of: December 2016

Wow, we've reached the end of the year. December is almost done. I have no words. I'm working on my year-end for 2016 and though I've been a bit MIA from LJ this year (and probably moreso in 2017), it's been a fun ride.

December had a lot going on -- the holidays, work, hellos and goodbyes and I'm just happy to be standing at the end of it. How was your December?

  • I ran my first 10K in years that I actually trained for but about 60% through it, I was just not sure i was going to finish so I took it slow. I'm glad that I finished. I'm not happy it wasn't as fast as I could have gone, but it was still better than my 5K so that's not bad. I'm so glad my siblings were there to meet me at the finish line, too.

  • There was this one week where I had to work for 7 days straight and the Saturday was me at a photoshoot. I wasn't looking forward to it at first but then it turned out to be not too bad and a bit of fun, hanging out with new colleagues and going around Singapore like tourists in a way.

  • My sister-in-law, Ashna's birthday also happened this month and it was nice to celebrate it with her family. The food was amazing. I'm not one for vegetarian fare just because I was raised meat-eating but her mom made the most amazing vegetarian lasagna. I also at ate a ton of it, which defeats the purpose but that's ok.

  • My sister had her baptism too and it's pretty amazing how far she's come from when she moved to Singapore. I'm really happy for her and it was nice to see her welcomed into her new church. We had dinner and drinks after and explored a bit of the East. All in all, good times for all.

  • I also got to hang out with Becky and Kaulin after forever and before they flew off for the holidays. I ended up going to a museum with Becky and her colleague and working through happy hour. Not too bad for a Sunday.

  • Though I didn't go home for the holidays, it was nice to see some friends before everyone flew away. Dinner with Christopher, Erica, Raman and Denise (who's about to pop!) was so nice. The food was amazing. The drinks were fantabulous and the company was great, of course. Plus, we're all neighbours. It was pretty swell walking home after.

  • It's funny that I don't see Chaps enough either. It's a good thing Koko had asked to deliver something to him and so we ended up catching up one each other even for just a bit. It's always nice to see folks back from home.

  • And then my parents came over and that's both fun and amazing and crazy tiring. This time, my grandma came along too. Which was nice because we were able to slow things down a bit. I'm glad I was able to join them for Friday lunch and dinner despite work.

  • Saturday (Christmas Eve) was planned by my sister and it was nice to hang out at a museum and go around for a bit. opening of gifts was a little strange given how little we were this year compared to years before but it was nice to chat with my brothers and sister in the US separately even for a bit.

  • Sunday (Christmas Day) was on me and it was just a food fest. I was honestly just super tired and wanted to sleep but I'm glad we were able to have lunch and dinner and attend mass together.

  • The next day was a holiday in Singapore so my brother planned a chill day in the East. I'm glad we just stayed in and watched Chef's table on Netflix. Definitely a good call. And although the last day was the parents shopping and me being able to take a day off from work, I'm glad they came around even if I was exhausted the whole time. I wish i had more energy, really.

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