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Currently: Working on a Sunday from a bar with wifi and beer

My new normal is partial work on weekends and it's taken me a while to get desensitised to it. It's nowhere near the craziness that my bother had to go through as a lawyer but it's definitely something I'm trying to wrap my head and schedule around. Which is funny because I always thought I was pretty useless on weekends.

But you really don't know what you've got till it's gone and now I'm overcompensating by making sure I plan flexible stuff on Sundays to not feel so bad that I have to work ish. Whereas before, I'd just be in bed all day. And that is how I find myself at a bar on a Sunday working instead of going to yoga.

Loving: my friends. whether here in Singapore or in Manila or wherever else they are in the world, I've never felt more grateful to have them. I'm so grateful for all of you who read this and comment or don't comment, who reach out to me on whatsapp or on twitter or just check in. I've ben pretty difficult these past few weeks and I'm quite insufferable so i want to say thanks for hanging around.

Reading: I started Anna Kendrick's book and it's pretty entertaining. I'm thinking of reading Lauren Graham's book as well but I got pretty distracted mid-way Anna's book so I'm hoping I finish it this year. It's a really easy to read to be honest, so it's not like I should be taking this long.

Watching: Yes, I finally watched Gilmore Girls and though I get why a lot of people were let down, I also strangely enjoyed it. Sure, I didn't like some things (Rory's extreme incompetency among other things and Paul's treatment) but I liked all the Luke/Lorelai and all the Emily and all the boys. EVERYONE LOOKED SO GOOD. I know the last four words were shocking to some but I spoiled myself so I was numb by the time I did watch it, but i was pretty satisfied. Will they come out with another one? It's anyone's guess. I'm ok either way. I'm pretty ok.

Listening to: It's that time of the year when my brother asks us to list down our top 10 favourite albums released in 2016 and this always proves difficult not because I don't listen to new music but because it's hard to narrow it down. I'm glad Spotify's year end playlist is helping me figure out which songs I listened to most and just backtrack to the albums. It's funny looking at it the kind of music I listened to. Pretty dramatic at times.

Working On: myself. I realise there's so much to myself that i need to fix and work on and though we're all works-in-progress, I find that I need to take this more seriously than I have in the past. And here's to hoping it turns out ok. Repeat 10x.

Anticipating: The holidays with my parents. I've assigned each sibling currently in Singapore to plan one day each and let our parents figure out the other two days they're here but it's turning out to be not such an easy task but it should be ok, I hope.

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