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12 of 12: when I couldn't believe it was the last 12 of 12 of the year again

Mondays are always wonderful days to wake up to and though I had a 10am meeting and I knew I was going to be slightly late, I still took the bus. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing, to be honest. I'm not sure about a lot of things these days, but I'm still waking up and going about my business, so I guess that's something.

It's the last 12 of 12 of the year and it still amazes me how quickly times flies. Time always moves so slowly but also so quickly and today I felt it even more. I don't know if I'm getting all nostalgic but it's been quite a year. There's still a bit more of 2016, though. Here's to that.

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    01. 8:50am, my room
    It's Monday! And it's so hard to get up! But I also have a meeting first thing and I know I should get my ass moving except I don't. I'm glad that it's sunny and not too hot so I'm at least forced to get up and start the day. It'll be a good week. repeat 10x.

    02. 09:11am, dining room
    The sweetest roomies tell me they have some breakfast left for me and I don't eat breakfast at all -- unless I'm in Manila and there's miraculously some on the table (it's a terrible habit) so it's nice to start the day with some corned beef and rice even if it's rushed.

    03. 09:24am, Sengkang
    And we're off in a bus. I know I could take a car to work, but I've grown to really like riding the bus. I have a lot of time to read and knit or do whatever it is I want. Do I wish it moved a tad faster? yes, but that's part of the charm, i suppose.

    04. 12:48am, The Canteen
    Oh look, it's lunch! I love taking my time with lunch now. I guess I'm pretty blessed to actually still be able to max out my mandated 1 hour. But i'll take it while I can. And the econo-rice option gives me a different meal every day if I choose to. Let's be honest, sometimes I have the same thing 5 days in a row.

    05. 01:26pm, Sin Ming
    Oh hello errands. I don't get to go to Thomson Plaza often so today was my first time inside the grocery and look, it has pretty wine labels priced at pretty good prices. No, I'm not buying alcohol for the afternoon. I have a dinner and I said I'd bring some wine.

    06. 02:18pm, Sin Ming
    Oh hey, what is that? Red Bull you say? Why, I don't mind having some at all. Thank you, fridge for having this awesome drink. Do i still need coffee later on? yes, I'll probably want some, but this is definitely a welcome treat for me. Just in time for the afternoon slump.

    07. 05:29pm, Sin Ming
    Hello, calls. Something that I like *and not like* about work is all the calls we eventually do. It really depends on who you have your call with. If they're awesome and efficient, it'll be blast. Otherwise, it's another story. This one was good. I'm glad.

    08. 06:56pm, Sin Ming
    In a rare act of leaving before the sun sets, I'm on my way to the next bus stop. It's funny cause I forgot the wine I left in the fridge. I've grown to enjoy this not so central office location. It'll take more time for everything else, but I suppose the lesson here is to take your time.

    09. 07:28pm, Little India
    More bus rides because I like it. I've been reading Anna Kendrick's book and I plan on reading Lauren Graham's book before the year ends. I have a thing for celebrity memoirs/books, I know. It's becoming some sort of thing, but so far enjoyable, so not bad.

    10. 07:58pm, The Clift
    And I make it in time for dinner with Erica who's such a sweetheart cooking the most amazing crab fat pasta and a salad and we have some wine and have some fried banana fritters for dessert with coconut ice-cream. People cooking for me is always such a touching, surprising thing. I am so grateful. Great night of talking and just listening. I love.

    11. 10:50pm, dining room
    And look, mail from Koko. I swear, this girl is such a sweet heart to have sent me an entire alphabet's worth of postcards. Consistently and with the most amazing stories on them. I'm so glad I finally converted her to What's App. I consider this my biggest accomplishment of 2016.

    12. 11:01pm, my room
    And as I hurried to leave the house this morning, I haphazardly covered my bed and look how it turned out, with me unknowingly tucking Baymax in. It was too cute a sight to pass up as soon as I got home. Over-all a pretty good Monday. Let this be an omen for the week to come.

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