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Best of: November 2016

November has been supremely insane. In the best way possible. I started my new job. I went home for two consecutive weekends (I don't recommend though it was so good to be able to attend the weddings) and I went to Kuala Lumpur for the first time.

So many firsts this month even if we're in the second to the last month of the year. It's insane how QUICKLY this year has come to a close. And now, we say hello, December and literally just 31 days till 2017. Time, where do you go.

  • My friend, Risa's friend, Ami -- who I suppose is now my friend, too invited me out to dinner on the night before the US elections and we met up at Tiong Bahru for dinner and it's so funny because we told each other our work stories and how things would change. It was nice to have dinner and just enjoy something new. I wouldn't mind a repeat.

  • I also went to my former colleague, Clara's birthday party which I did not realise was a big Ru Paul's Drag Race marathon. Totally worth it and totally fun and Hannah's party games for Clara were so on point. It was nice to catch up with the girls and see Bern after forever (complete with her newly permed hair). It was a nice Saturday afternoon.

  • My first weekend in Manila was pretty lucky because I took a Friday off (I had asked permission and given my boss a heads up before i even started work -- only to realise that my work situation is so different from what I'd imagined it to be). Still, it was nice to hang with my parents at a hotel which conveniently made me halfway nearer to the wedding venue.

  • Reggie and Francis's wedding was amazing! I've never been to Antonio's in tagaytay and I now get why so many people love the place. It was gorgeous and just so perfect. I kind of want to return (hopefully for a date! but any dinner will do) soon! It was also nice to see Risa after a bit. Even if we just saw each other, I'm still not used to not seeing her all the time.

  • It's nice because my grandma (my dad's mom) was also in town when I visited so we had lunch out with her and my parents the Saturday I was in Manila. It also happened to be my grandpa's death anniversary so we were able to visit him and my other set of grandparents. I still can't believe I"m down to one grandma left.

  • I didn't get to take many photos but I did end up in Kuala Lumpur for my first work trip. It was nice to meet everyone else from the region we'd be working with even if now I'm more focused on the Singapore team. It was great to hear plans even if I didn't understand everything. Plus new country I've never been to! I made sure I got to see the Petronas Towers. I lack sleep though, for sure.

  • It was super nice to see Rashi for dinner, too. Another girl I miss so much -- after seeing her everyday for a year and a half and now relegated to dinners that I'm late to and working through. Food at Rashi's house is always A+ and this time wasn't any different. Fritters and pasta!

  • I ended the month with another visit to the Philippines but this time to Bohol for Teeff and Marsh's wedding. It was lovely to hang out with the Candy girls even if I was terribly exhausted by the time the weekend ended and I was in between delayed flights back to Singapore. Still, fun night and fun times and just an amazing way to end wedding season of 2016.

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