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12 of 12: when I actually got out and became social

Rarely do my Saturdays involve going out and meeting people but sometimes, we make excuses and sometimes, it's worth the trouble of getting up and out of bed (still my number one choice, though). Especially now that I've gone back to work, I cherish weekends way more than I used to in my phase of unemployment.

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    01. 12:11am, Changi
    I love airports and I love the feeling of meeting friends and folks at the arrivals area. I've never done so in Terminal 3 and it's a pretty swanky terminal, so it was nice to walk around (it was very cold) and see the Hello Kitty cafe!

    02. 10:32am, Geylang
    It's always nice to take a look at how people decorate their houses and it's interesting because this piece was apparently found on the street as is. I honestly thought it was restored and re-painted. I never would have picked it up but it looks pretty great.

    03. 10:55am, Geylang
    I'm horrible at legends and figures. I love The Noun Project is always a nifty place to look for some. So it was funny to see some noun-project-ish icons not online but in real life. I'm still not sure what it all means though.

    04. 11:08am, Geylang
    I love me some Kaya toast and I definitely do not have it enough considering I live Kaya Toast country. So it was nice to have some for breakfast with my usual Kopi Ping and the Singapore heat (the only thing I could have less with). Not a bad way to start half the day.

    05. 11:54am, Geylang
    For more things to love about Singapore, it's how incredibly safe I feel even when I see signs like this one which shows it's not ~so safe~ anymore and yet, I find this still reassuring. I don't know, maybe I've been brainwashed but these signs still make me both smile and laugh.

    06. 11:59am, Geylang
    I was supposed to check out this market but apparently it's closed for one more week! It's too bad because i was looking forward to it a bit and now, I'm not sure I'l be non-lazy enough to go back. Perhaps next time. We'll have to see. I cant see that far into my future anymore.

    07. 01:44pm, Geylang
    And now I kill time before i leave for a birthday party. It's always nice to get to read for a bit and chill and not fall asleep. I love falling asleep -- it's like my number one priority -- but it's nice to get to do other things and not be distracted for a while.

    08. 02:23pm, Boon Keng
    I love the bus system of Singapore and it was nice to get to my friend, Clara's place without the hassle and the traffic. I've never really explored this area so it was nice to get to walk for a very short bit before heading to her place. Really nice area, too.

    09. 03:40pm, Riversuites
    I don't think I've had Brazilian food before but it was amazing. Clara is Brazilian and it was her birthday and she happened to find a Brazilian lady who made amazing treats. I literally had to walk away from the table to stop myself from gorging on the food. it didn't help that i brought the food closer to me, either.

    10. 04:58m, Riversuites
    Yes, they are obsessed with Ru Paul's Drag Race and they've converted the entire party. I am still finding glitter all over my bag and clothes but it was all good. Hannah is pretty fun at creating games and Clara enjoyed it very much. And that's all that really matters.

    11. 07:53pm, Boon Keng MRT
    And it's back home for me. I will never fail to marvel at the transport system here and the purple line will always be my favourite -- just because it's the one nearest my home. I am also amazed at how well maintained and clean the tunnels are. I'd love to walk through the all these tunnels one day.

    12. 08:40pm, my room
    And it's on to continuing my new project. I haven't knitted in a while -- since before April when Brian came over and I sent him his scarf -- so it was fun to start something new and try something out. I hope I'm able to pull this off and that it'll be a nice surprise.

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