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Best of: October 2016

Today is the last day of October and the first day of my new work. October was an interesting month in that I'm usually always on the brink of something new (or so Timehop tells me these past couple of years).

And this year wasn't any different. One of my best friends got married. I was able to go home and spend some time with my parents and little sister. And it was just a nice little break.

I'm not sure how this new job will turn out. I'm hoping it turns out ok -- more than ok. For now, I look back on October and all the wonderful things that happened along the way. How did your Octobers go?

  • There are going to be a lot of photos of my little sister, Paola and I being silly. This is because the family's baby is all grown up and leaving Manila to work in NYC for good. I'm so happy for her. 20 is the perfect age to be in New York and enjoy it and she deserves all this awesomeness.

  • My friend, Lee-Ann got married in Cebu. I've known her 25 years and it was the first time I was a bridesmaid along with our other friends Hannah and Iza. I was supposed to bring a date to this wedding -- or at least I had an allocation. But I'm glad I didn't. There was no one to bring and I had the most fun dancing and singing with friends and Lee-Ann's family.

  • I was able to see some college friends, too. Anna, Ana and Rina and I never got to spend too much time in college together but that summer, we definitely bonded as we did our CWTS requirements. It's so nice to hear what they're up to -- even if I had to traverse 2 hours of traffic to get to makati.

  • Seeing my #kaladkarin girls -- two of whom were pregnant -- was also amazing. It's pretty crazy how the group bonded together and now Aimee and Chrissy are due to give birth almost one after the other. And now that Macy's the last girl left at our old company, it's always nice to reminisce about the fun times.

  • It was also my first time to visit some doctor friends at the hospital! I know they're doctors, they passed the bar and all but seeing them in action an in their natural habitat was so fun to see. Jo-Anne and Lee-Ann at PGH was so surreal and strange having gone there as a kid many times to visit my dad.

  • What was fun was that I got to see my high school barkada more than once this time around and this is such a feat given how busy everyone is and how far from each other we all are. But on a Wednesday night, we managed to find some sort of middle ground and saw each other, significant others and all. Always fun to get together.

  • Coming back to Singapore, it was so nice to see Ami whom i was totally surprised asked me to have dinner. She was such a sweet girl when I met her, hanging out with Risa but it was such a pleasant surprise to catch-up after a bit. Plus I finally got to check out PUNCH -- which turned out to be a really cool cafe.

  • It was also great to see my brother, PB and his wife Ashna after forever. These lawyers are hard to pin down so brunch on a rainy Saturday was definitely in order. They took us to their hood in the East to this very hipster commune and I actually enjoyed my tofu scramble. Who am I?!

  • Finally, Pamy was sweet enough to come all the way to my hood after my first day of work bearing chicken wings. My brothers in the US had some wings for dinner the night before and my parents got jealous and had some, too so it was our turn to continue the tri-country twinning and had some for dinner as we watched the Hamilton documentary. Not a bad way to end the month and my first day of work.

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