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And so they fly away

Around 12 years ago, my brother left for Singapore, the first of the siblings to leave the family home and I was in 3rd year high school. I took it hard at first, and wrote an essay for a writing class about it. It's probably one of my most favourite pieces of writing I've ever done and when I look back on it, the emotions I felt there hold true. I don't have a soft copy of it, but I have it printed out at home, somewhere and one day, I'll try to share it.

Last Friday, my little sister was the last child to leave the family home. I come from a family of six kids and I can't imagine how it must be for our parents. Granted by Western standards, kids leave home at a fairly young age but given our Filipino roots, we're pretty bound to home and if I didn't work in Singapore, i would definitely be living at home with the parents in Manila.

I'm happy for my little sister and so excited for her NYC adventures, in the same way that I feel very happy brothers in California but I guess I can't imagine how it must feel for my parents. They knew this day was coming, but I can see how it's affecting my dad and probably my mom to some degree, too.

I was telling my parents that it would be the first time in 33 years when they'd be husband and wife before mom and dad -- even if they'll be worrying about us from far away, for sure. When my parents got married, they had my sister a year later so they immediately jumped to being parents. And though a parents job is never truly done, even after the kids leave home -- it's at least not as in-your-face as it is when everyone's under your roof.

I can't imagine being a parent but I also can't imagine watching my non-existent kids leave the coop. I know my parents will be ok but as I watched my little sister (their last kid living at home), push her cart into the airport, I can't help but feel for them. I guess I just want to thank them for raising all six of us and making sure we were fed, educated and had a good time.

The essay I wrote for a class was much more coherent back in high school. Right now, I know I"m not being graded for this so I'm not making an effort. I just wanted to put it on paper electronically. I've come full circle now. I know my parents will be ok. Repeat 10x

*the song i'm listening to isn't even on purpose
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