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Currently: Soaking up every single last drop of home

My time in Manila is slowly coming to an end and it's been a great break thus far. I can't believe I've been able to see friends and hang with my parents and chill with my little sister before she's off to the real world.

So here's to the things I'm currently obsessing over or just randomly paying attention to. Tell me yours.

Loving: the Bullet Journal. I know it's old and all and I keep track of my to-do's electronically since they're mostly for work but I"ve rediscovered it and found a good notebook to break my Kikki-K cycle of 6 years. Right now, I'm obsessing over the different layouts i could do -- which essentially removes the point of the bullet journal. So we'll see how this goes. I'm on a Youtube video spiral.

Reading: I finished reading Eligible which was fantastic and amazing and the best of the Jane Austen Project for me. It really is a modern retelling with updates and tweaks that stay true to the essence but not too strict. It's definitely my 'The Royal We' of 2016 but I'm also reading the Singles Game. I love tennis and I love behind the scenes of it all. I'm not yet done with it but I'm hoping it turns out ok in the end.

Watching: I should be watching Westworld and This is Us but instead I'm doing a marathon of The Blacklist and Designated Survivor because of my dad and Notorious because it's on the same day as HTGAWM. I actually like Designated Survivor even if I will always see him as Jack Bauer and it fits right in with my Madam Secretary fix. Notorious is another story. I do miss seeing Aaron Tveit with Daniel Sunjata though.

Listening to: I clearly did a re-listen of all of Justin's 20/20 album just because the JT + Tennessee Kids concert on NETFLIX was coming up but I'm also loving this Release Radar playlist on Spotify because I need 2016 music. SO I'm hoping that the rumour that she's releasing one - Beyonce-style is true because I need it to be true.

Working on: a better sleeping schedule. I nap way too much on vacation and I hope that I'm able to sleep the correct amount of time and eat properly again (i'm clearly overindulging here) and get back into training for the 10K. I"m obviously doing nothing as I lounge around on my childhood bed and I my trainers are just gathering dust but I will indulge. So let's prepare for easing me back into this 'healthier' lifestyle slowly.

Anticipating: getting back to 'real life' of work. I'm so nervous and worried and scared but also slightly excited and hoping I am better at handling work and employment and I don't burn myself out way too quickly and that I enjoy the work and that it's fulfilling. I sound so millennial and maybe it's because I am but I'm just hoping this next step is a good one. Wish me luck.

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