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12 of 12: When I was back home for a bit

And it's been a while since I did a 12 of 12 in Manila and so it was nice that I was back home to do this one. And it also happened to fall on a day when I actually had outings planned. That way, it wasn't just photos of me at home watching HGTV, because let's be honest, that's all I do when I'm back home.

So here goes my 12th day of October. A bit rainy. A lot of food. And some awesome friends to see along the way. It's days like this that I miss Manila.

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    01. 07:48am, my parents room
    I don't usually like sleeping with the air-conditioning on but with my little sister spending her last few days in Manila, I've been trying to spend as many hours with her and if that means sharing a sleeping bag on my parents floor, I did it. My old back may not be happy but it's slightly fun

    02. 08:44am, dining room
    It's such a luxury to eat breakfast as soon as I wake up so I've been taking advantage. And today's breakfast is an omelette that I didn't have to make. I'm also trying to curate and work through my Spain/Portugal trip and I'm terrible at captions so places will have to do. I can't believe it's been a month already. Crazy times.

    03. 10:38am, CP Garcia
    I took a car to meet Macy and Koko before lunch and the driver was pretty nice but I guess pretty new since she couldn't figure out the GPS and wasn't too familiar with the roads. On any other day, I would have been ok but I was on a tight timeline and ended up taking the train but the interiors of her car were very much filled with cuteness. I am guessing she is a Hello Kitty fan.

    04. 11:35am, Robinsons Cybergate
    And I'm back in this lobby that was home (office) for 4 years of my life. I'm late, but not as late as I would have been if I stuck to the car. Traffic is so bad these days. Macy meets me at the lobby and we wait a bit for Koko (essential member and also our beloved driver) as I greet random former colleagues who pass by.

    05. 12:30pm, Yabu
    And the final restaurant I was craving before coming back is checked off the list. I know I had some katsu at Tonkichi in Singapore but this is my favourite katsu place in Manila and I couldn't leave without having some of it. I mixed it up a bit this time ordering a Rosu-Oyster combo which did not disappoint. I may return before I go.

    06. 01:23pm, Common Thread
    Doing some shopping because why not (Koko and Macy are wonderful enablers), I see this magazine on the counter and how funny to see a friend of the family's on the cover! The magazine world is small and so is Manila and this is a great example of that! Who knew I'd see someone we kind of grew up with on the cover! Awesome!

    07. 03:50pm, Pioneer Street
    After hanging out for a bit at the old office (I totally forgot to take photos as i hung out at Macy's new desk and Koko's old desk) and saying hi to former colleagues, it's off to Podium for me and Macy to run some errands and chill before dinner with the girls tonight. It's raining and what a short drive has turned to be a longer drive than usual. This is status quo.

    08. 04:33pm, Wildflour
    I usually nap in the afternoons these days and today, there was no nap and I was out so it was time for some coffee. And Wildflour has the most amazing Vietnamese coffee which I haven't had in a while so it was nice to chill with Macy for a bit before Lou came over and joined us for some fun.

    09. 05:38pm, Podium
    So silly me, in a hurry to leave this morning totally forgot to bring Chrissy's baby shower gift! The thing is, I had specifically asked Pamy to buy this gift for me and carry it all the way from Singapore only for me to forget it. Lucky me, Koko suggested a courier service that does express pick-ups and drop-offs! After some trial and error in finding a driver, I found one and my mom was nice enough to hand it over. It made it to me before the guest of honour arrived! Success!

    10. 06:21pm, Madeca
    Another of the restaurants I've missed and a staple dinner place for the #kaladkarin girls, it was nice to be able to have some amazing Mexican-Filipino fusion food here. I had the salpicao soft tacos and though I thought I could only finish one (as if -- I did eat two donuts beforehand), I obviously demolished both easily.

    11. 08:13pm, Sebastian's
    Yes, I've been eating all day. So for dessert we headed down one floor to Sebastians to open gifts with Chrissy and Aimee and take our pick of the double scoop combo -- as recommended by Macy (hello, bang for your buck). I had the butter pecan + cookie dough combination and I kind of want another serving right about now.

    12. 10:38pm, hallway outside my room
    My old Saltwater sandals have been worn and torn and just look really sad after many years of service and many trips served and it was time to get a new pair. Too bad my silver pair was no longer available in my size and so I got a new pair in gold this time and when I unpacked it at home, there was a sweet note from Koko, as always.

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