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Best Of: September 2016

September was clearly an awesome month. Other than my amazing trip to Spain and Portugal, other stuff actually happened in September. So many things, that this was possibly one of the more awesome months this year.

Though it started and ended with some goodbyes, they were bittersweet but definitely something that book-ended my September. I hung out with new friends, old friends and just realised how grateful and #blessed I am. Cheers, September! It's been fabulous.

  • The team put together a sweet farewell for me and Yen Ling who also happened to have her last day on the same day as I did. It was nice because even if Yen Ling and I didn't really get to bond before, we got closer as we neared this day. It was a good time.

  • All my free time means I also get to hang out with my sister and it was nice of her to come by my place and try our hand at The Getdown which was interesting and I would need to do it in instalments. It was nice to chill with some tuna though.

  • Another thing I love are spontaneous dinners and Kaulin was so quick to set up dinner at Blu Kouzina, which I can never say no to. I haven't seen Becky and Adoni and Kaulin since Phuket and it was nice to catch up before we all went on our merry ways for our trips.

  • It was a great time catching up with Risa as well. I haven't been able to really talk to her and concentrate and listen and it was nice to not have anything distract me and not have to check my phone and just hang out with her -- even if I was late!

  • And so no-presh drinks continue with some tarot reading on the side and amazing Mexican food. I don't know when we'll get to hang again soon but it was nice to pretend to know how to read tarot cards after a long time.

  • And look who I spotted at the airport right before my big trip! I saw Emmy and Rebecca from the office on a work trip. This is an example of how tiny Singapore is and how you can never really tell who you'll bump into. It was nice to chat with them.

  • Post-trip, I totally didn't wake up for lunch with Marina but I knew I wanted to see her. Marina works in our thailand office and we've chatted a lot and talked and became friends on social media but have never met and finally we did! IT was a great time.

  • And I fly back to Manila for Lee-Ann's bridal shower and to try on my first ever bridesmaid dress! It's pretty crazy to think that my oldest friend, Lee-Ann is going to get married. And we've had her shower and now she's going to get hitched. It's all happening! I'm so excited.

  • A Manila trip won't be complete without a trip to Footzone and though it's gotten more expensive and for some reason, doesn't feel like it used to, it was nice to break from Pancake House tradition and have some Ooma. Japanese food for the win forever and ever.

  • It was also lovely to finally catch up with my ABSi girls! Tasha, Nans and Abbey were my first ever colleagues and it's been a while since I caught up with them so it was great to finally talk and hang out even for a bit.

  • The #kaladkarin crew was also on the priority list and it was nice to have some Uncle Moe's ox brain after forever! Plus, it became Aimee's mini-baby shower. I can't believe Aimee's giving birth soon! Her wedding in Boracay felt like it was just yesterday and now, Chrissy and Aimee are having babies! Time flies.

  • And finally, we say goodbye to september and also get to see Candy girls past and present. It's so weird to go to the office and recognise almost no one but it was nice to hang out with new faces and old faces and have my tarot read by an actual legit lady and she was AMAZING.

  • How were your Septembers? What are you excited about for October? We're almost at the end of the year. How is it already quarter 4?!

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