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12 of 12: When I happened to be in Spain

So every time I schedule a trip now, I try to make sure it falls on the 12th of the month so that I have something interesting to talk about. Unfortunately, this time, though i was on a trip, it also happened to be my last day in Barcelona and last days always mean lazy days for me.

It's a good thing I still got out of the house but it's funny because I actually did a shit ton the days before. I'll save those for my post-trip entry then. For now, enjoy my not super active day out.

  • Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
  • Post the pictures chronological order
  • Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
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    01. 12:01am, Airbnb
    Who says you can't Netflix while on vacation. You can! And I did. I loved the first season of Narcos and I know it's back on so why not start the day right with some season 2 viewing of this show? Yes, please.

    02. 08:59am, Airbnb
    Something I love about Barcelona is that the houses have rooftops and balconies and just lots of nice places to chill. I happen to have a garden on the rooftop and it was just lovely to be among greenery -- even if I'm not exactly a green thumb.

    03. 09:40am, Xurreria
    Churros for breakfast? sure, why not. I only had it for dessert before but apparently this is a thing so I'm jumping on this thing and having awesome churros for breakfast with the thickest chocolate known to mankind. So much love.

    04. 11:51am, Airbnb
    So I can't deal with heights but I also needed to come back and book my ticket to La Sagrada Familia because I didn't realise you needed to in advanced (I"m quite disappointed in myself for this) but I"m glad for an efficient system that allows me to pop back 'home' and out again.

    05. 01:50pm, La Sagrada Familia
    HOLY SHIZ BALLS GUYS. I made it. It's just as intimidating in real life as it is in the documentaries I"ve watched and the photos I've seen. It's massive and i'm just honestly in awe that it's still being constructed. But it should be pretty amazing once it all comes together.

    06. 02:05pm, La Sagrada Familia
    Yes, I'm still here and yes, it's awesome on the inside. That's not a light show, that's just the natural light streaming in through the stained glass windows and reflecting on the surface. It's pretty insane. When this gets finished, it'll be incredible.

    07. 03:11pm, Carrer De Sardenya
    Things I loved about Barcelona as well were the cute small backstreets that all happen to look amazing and are tree lined (or sometimes not) but with amazing buildings lining it and just makes you want to live there. I really do want to live there now.

    08. 03:31pm, Bar Restaurant Sagrada Familia
    At this point I realise i haven't had lunch but it looks like it's lunch time outside (the sun is at the highest point) so I step into the most random place when I saw that there was paella on the menu. And yes, I finish the entire thing by myself.

    09. 03:46pm, Sagrada Familia Metro
    And it's time to get back home and look what I see, the Gigi x Tommy Hilfiger campaign. This was one of the last campaigns I did for work and it's funny to see how they're doing it in Spain. Clearly, this partnership has money behind it.

    10. 03:51pm, Clot Metro
    Except wait, I got off at the wrong station and now I have to make my way back to the right train station. Thank goodness for the portable wifi stick and Google maps who have both saved me and this trip so many times now.

    11. 09:13pm, Airbnb
    Say what? Yes, this is what I do to unwind when I'm on vacation, too. More Narcos for me. So this 'being on a trip' business clearly still doesn't change the quality of photos I take in these entries, what can I say?

    12. 10:54pm, Airbnb
    Yes, I had a pizza this late. This is not abnormal. I will have food at whatever time I please as long as the food is available. also netflixing makes me want to eat -- this is a fact of life, let's be honest about it.

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