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Best of: August 2016

Looking back on August, it was a pretty rad month filled with lots of good times. From sort of spontaneous trips to Phuket (for the first time ever, too!) to having friends like Koko visit me again in Singapore, I couldn't have asked for a better August.

There are four months left in the year -- i can hardly believe this and yet, here we are anyway. September is upon us. And the ber-months begin!

  • One can never have enough Twinzies photos and on one fine day in August, Ally and Tanya happened to be twinning it up (without coordinating, of course) and it was glorious. I will never be over this emoji pose.

  • August also happens to have the Singapore National Day and though it fell on a Tuesday, I was happy to be in town to celebrate quite spontaneously with a day in the pool of american-apartment owners, Kaulin and Becky. It was nice to chill in their pool considering I've never swam in their pool! Clearly, drinks were in order and it was nice to meet Sarah, Becky's colleague, too.

  • I was properly sloshed by the time I made it to my brother and his new wife, Ashna's place for some fireworks-viewing! Their new place has a gorgeous view of the Singapore Sports Stadium from where NDP 51 would be seen. I wasn't prepared for early interaction with the in-laws though! Luckily, i was sobering up! And the chicken-wings helped for sure.

  • I was supposed to meet my cousin to give her the chocolates that our cousin, Nikki's cousin, Patricia had brought over from Spain (I know, it's a long connection) so it was nice to find that I was twinning with Acid. We didn't get to do our pose (in public, see I have boundaries) but it was fun to see her.

  • Koko came over for 3 days (plus a morning where she had to go to the airport) but it was a pretty rad weekend with her around! even if her flight arrived way later than expected on Saturday morning, we still managed to do a lot of things on Saturday including but not limited to meeting my sister Pamy for late lunch at The Coffee Academics and toasted our way through the city.

  • Sunday was another full day complete with hoarding way too many salted egg-chips for Koko's friends back in Manila and just drinking way too much coffee -- traveling all the way to the West of Singapore to find obscure coffee shops and then heading to Holland Village to have very hipster waffles and coffee.

  • I took Monday off from work so I could hang out with Koko and it was the chillest day but by this time I'm already thoroughly exhausted that anything we do just wears me out. But not without enjoying brunch with Chrissy and Bart who also flew over for the concert! Weezer was amazing and it was even better that Rivers Cuomo literally walked by our row (in the grandma seats)! I touched him as subtly as I could.

  • It was great to see not-so newfound friends Jenny and Roy back in Singapore and it was great that we had Japanese food to commemorate their brief return! I can't believe I didn't see them while they were in Spain but at least I'll have some awesome recommendations while I'm there. This couple is #relationshipgoals and I'm so happy for their next adventure! I hope I get to see them in Berlin!

  • When I get invited somewhere, if it's a weekend, I'm almost always down and so it was wonderful to get finalised plans for Becky's birthday in Phuket! I've never been and I've been meaning to and now there was a plan and an actual excuse! Only Becky and Kaulin could plan such a spontaneous trip and I'm glad I came along.

  • Even if I bought the guidebook, we clearly weren't able to see the entire island but we did manage to get a lot done considering we were only there for a day and half-ish. The waves were beautiful and our insanely cheap but amazing hotel was so near the beach, i'm tempted to go back to get massages all day and have pad thai for every meal.

  • And because I was wanting more Japanese food, I managed to convince two colleagues, Tanya and Clara to have some more Tonkichi with me on a Tuesday! Sometimes, spontaneity wins over making plans and I'm glad they came along for the quick dinner with me.

  • Finally, on the last day of the month, we finally get to do our free-flowing proseco drinks that we've put off for so long. Now, that the low-key, no-presh drinks have commenced, expect Wednesdays to be much more fun than usual. I'm glad I was able to start this with the girls.

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