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So let it wash over me; I'm ready to lose my feet

There are some days when I'm feeling very disappointed in everything. Antsy about my employment. Impatient about relationships and generally feeling very dissatisfied with life. It comes and goes and waves but can affect me quite overwhelmingly.

This was not one of those days. This was a day when I woke up just happy and content and somehow really peppy about things. It was a day when I realised how absolutely blessed I am to have what I have -- amazing support and love from my family; wonderful friends who care for me; independence that I've always craved; safety that I didn't realise I wanted; and just general feeling of being so grateful.

I need more of these days. More of the days when I'm just glad that my chicken rice tastes so good or that I get out of work earlier than usual or that i have episodes of Gilmore Girls to watch or that I was able to drink some soda.

Here's to more of these.
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