Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Currently: Feeling very YOLO (in the chillest way possible)

Yes, it's August. yes, we're halfway-ish and more through the month. I really am still in awe at how the months go by so quickly and yet also so slowly. August has been interesting to say the least, not without it's surprises but I like that it's gotten me back into my love affair with TV and reading and just chilling again. I miss chill. Let's bring on more chill.

Loving: TOKYO 2020. I did London 2012 and that was an amazing experience but I know that nothing has topped Beijing 2008 in terms of opening ceremonies. But seeing Tokyo bring it all out, just makes me think that they could be the ones to beat the 2008 games. My siblings and I also realised that between California and Singapore, Japan is the mid-point. SO maybe, just maybe, Tokyo 2020 can happen.

Reading: I just finished reading The Knockoff which is amazing because it feels like a mash up of my two past jobs -- a magazine company and an e-commerce company. It was fun and easy and hit way too close to home sometimes but generally very entertaining.

Watching: I've heard good things about The Get Down -- does anyone have any violent reactions or votes of confidence? I've recently gotten back to my Netflix and Chi...cken wings days, I'm also almost done with my Gilmore Girls re-watch so I'm very very excited for the revival which should come soon.

Listening to: So I'm still on the hunt for the album of 2016 and suddenly, Frank Ocean comes out of nowhere and drops his album which I thoroughly enjoyed. Of course, because we watched Weezer, I've been listening to a lot of their old stuff and their new album. But nothing stands out just yet. I'm hoping Carly Rae doesn't disappoint but that's like lightning striking twice.

Working on: my turnover at work and the itinerary for my trip. I'm doing better at the former than the latter just because it's definitely not settled in yet that I'm going on a trip! But it should be fun to do that soon. The turnover though, I wish I got this kind of turnover when I first started. It's pretty damn exhaustive and I've been taking my sweet time for my replacement, Hannah to absorb things so let's think of it as paying it forward.

Anticipating: Unemployment. Or at least the mini-break (cross your fingers with me now) in between the jobs. I'm both scared and nervous but trying to be positive and just going to be praying hard and relaxing for a bit. I need good vibes everyone!

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