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12 of 12: When I just wanted to take a photo of my bedroom window and couldn't

As with all of my 12 of 12s, I start off with good intentions. The moment I wake up or right before i go to bed on the 12th, I set alarms that will remind me to take photos but then the day takes over and I forget it all. Work usually gets in the way and who wants photo after photo of me at my desk right?

Still, here goes the day anyway. It was the day before my friend Koko arrived in Singapore so I was just raring for the day to be over but also sad I didn't have too much to take photos of.

  • Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
  • Post the pictures chronological order
  • Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
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    01. 01:22am, My room
    I used to be so much more religious about doing my laundry. lately though, I've been skipping weeks which means double the laundry load on the next week. Not bad though. My lovely windows help me air dry when the dryer isn't enough and my handy steamer to take out any wrinkles. I would choose laundry over cleaning the bathroom any day.

    02. 08:00am, My Room
    Wide open windows and not drawing my curtains is my natural alarm clock. When the sun is in your face, you know you're late. But it's so nice to have the sun shine in the morning. Natural light is the best -- except when you're trying to sleep in. But for weekdays, it's perfect. In case I sleep through my 12 alarms -- which I do.

    04. 09:19am, Buangkok
    There's so much green in Singapore, you kind of take it for granted. This walkway to the MRT has a really nice little shrub and though I don't have green in my room in particular, it's nice to have it al around wherever you go. Even in the CBD.

    03. 08:55am, our floor
    I really like this view from the elevators on our floor. We're high enough to be coolish but also just to have the sun right smack there in between the two buildings at times. I'm also quite late, but that's ok. I should wake up earlier though.

    05. 01:06pm, My desk
    Oh look, it's my checklist of things to do. I swear, Trello has saved my life at work. I don't know what I've been doing before it, but checklists are not the same with this tool. I hope I get to use it still in my next job (send me good vibes, guys). For now, it's a nice efficient way to make sure i get everything done.

    06. 01:40pm, pantry
    And it's a late lunch for me. I don't mean to do it but it happened anyway. I love the chicken rice on the ground floor of our building. Let's be honest though, I'll eat any chicken rice but this one is pretty damn awesome. And so near.

    07. 05:03pm, Not my desk
    Clearly, this is the creative team with their rows and rows of Macs. I get that it's for creatives but it would be nice to get a Mac for work just because I want to feel spoiled. Always nice to come by the graphic designers area to chat for a bit and see what they're doing -- or what I've requested in my long list of requests. Awesome team is awesome.

    08. 07:16pm, lobby
    oh look, it's Rashi and Kern, two of the folks who've lasted way longer than me in this company. Kern's been here since the beginning and I've lately found him to be fun to talk to and Rashi is just my mother hen. Other than hiring me, she's turned out to be one of my bestest friends in the office. Watch them colluding on god knows what

    09. 07:42pm, Orchard room
    And it's friday night and i have some work left but it's nice to just chill in a conference room and catch up on the week that was. It's funny because rashi and I used to talk all the time when we were seat mates and now we're not seat mates so it's more difficult to find time to catch up.

    10. 09:05pm, Muchos
    and sure, we may not have hot Friday night plans but it doesn't stop Rashi and I from grabbing a beer across the office (at the mall -- which I take for granted. I love being so near all the malls). Rashi's been with the company 3 years now. That's AMAZING.

    12. 11:36pm, My room
    And I'm cleaning up but it's nice to see all the guidebooks lined up there on my newly changed sheets. and I've vacuumed the floors and mopped and and took out the trash and I've taken a shower and now it's time to relax in bed as I wait for the flight to arrive.

    11. 10:55pm, the house
    And I'm ready for Koko's arrival -- which happens to be delayed. Her flight, that is. I've cleaned the house (on a Friday night) and tidied up my room and just can't wait for her to arrive. Here's to a fun weekend!

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