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Best Of: July 2016

The second half of 2016 was not kidding when it said it would start with a bang and what a July, July has been. It started out with a quick trip to Manila (not for the best reasons) and then one intense week after another back in Singapore, but all definitely worth it and memorable.

I'm hoping the rest of the year is just as 'fun' but not as tiring. Or maybe I need to up my resistance and energy. Or maybe not. But it was a good one, clearly.

  • The month started out on a sad note with me my grandma passing away so I was back to Manila (rather than back to Vietnam -- no regrets, clearly) to spend time with family and bid my grandma goodbye. And though we were sad, it was not a sad occasion, with everyone coming together to celebrate Mama Lily's life.

  • In no time, I'm back in Singapore and have friends visiting. Adel, a former colleague from Manila came with his girlfriend Louise and some friends. I caught them for coffee after work and it's such a small Manila world that one of Adel's friends was one of my ex-colleague's (from singapre) sister! It was nice to catch up and just veg out from work.

  • And because I am the hugest tag along, I invited myself to my brother Lex and his then-fiance, Ashna's IKEA and errand Sunday. I really did need hangers for my closet but I didn't mind making the trip now that I had folks to come along with. I went with them to Courts (appliances) and helped them set up fans at their new place. It's a really cool place with nice view of the stadium and Marina bay! Awesome. Good job, brother.

  • Then the parents and little sister descended on us and July would never be the same. We would be having dinner everyday together and on some days with our future in-laws. We did a Satay by the Bay dinner on a Thursday night and I came out the champion with 17 sticks of satay! I could have done more but I wasn't trying to show off too much.

  • Friday night I was just really tired (and it also happened to be my boss's last day at work) so I did a quick dinner with the family (who all seemed pretty tired as well) before heading to my boss's farewell. It was a fun time with the team at a bar I've never been to before. Seeing your CMO dance is a sight to behold but it was all in good fun.

  • But quite possibly the highlight of my entire July was no longer having to keep a secret. My siblings and I love surprising our parents (our dad especially) and for my brother's wedding (and my dad's birthday), we decided we'd fly in my two brothers based in California. It was quite the logistical nightmare and all of us scared we'd slip up but the look on my parents faces when my brothers walked into my sister's house was priceless. It was amazing. We also haven't been complete as a family in 4 years so this was amazing.

  • I can't believe my brother is married. Clearly, I'm still reeling from it. But it really was quite natural to have Ashna in the family (on paper and legally) but it's quite exciting for them (and for me obviously) as I furiously tried to capture and document the event. I'm such a creeper.

  • Seeing the younger siblings all together and in one country is always such a treat. Paola will be leaving us soon for the US too and Pio and Pietro aren't sure if they'll be around for the holidays but for now, it was such a treat to have them all here.

  • After the wedding (the next day), we took the parents and siblings to the ArtScience museum and clearly my dad enjoyed it. We got him to do all the activities (technically targeted at kids) but it was fun to see him color and see his truck come up on the big screen. Good times.

  • It wouldn't be a family trip if we weren't constantly stuffing our faces so it was off to Omakase for burgers at Wisma and this restaurant just never fails. I bring everyone who visits me here so come visit me so I can take you here for awesome burgers. I'm looking at all of you LJ friends.

  • I took Monday off cause that was the only week day we would all be complete. My brother Pio couldn't take too much time off work (he just started) so I took them to the NIKE store (thank you, generous nike clients) to shop and everyone who wanted sneakers (and even those who didn't want, because this story is a death trap) had some kicks.

  • My dad also celebrated his birthday with us (at a restaurant a stone's throw away from my office) so it was fun to just literally walk over from work and celebrate with the family (even if Pio was back flying to Cali and Pamy had a business trip to Manila). I'm happy we were together.

  • In between all these family outings, I was actually going to work and here are my lovely seatmates/teammates doing impromptu shoots for projects. April, Amanda and Karisa were game to mug for me considering they were quite busy. This swag is going to conveniently disappear, girls. I have warned you.

  • More dinners with the in-laws and more fun times with Pietro who came back from a short trip to Manila. The Open Farm Community restaurant at Dempsey was quite a nice surprise and also a really pretty venue. Not that I'll be having any events any time soon but it's really gorgeous (and quite out of the way).

  • FINALLY. Paola slept over at my place. The original idea was to have her with me the ENTIRE time she was here but dad was getting clingy and wanted everyone (except Lex obviously) at Pamy's place. I decided to opt out and instead went home nightly to starfish on my bed. This was the exception so Paola and I could do face masks and attempt to watch the Hunger Games. Spoiler alert. We fell asleep.

  • The next day, we headed to East Coast Park (this is Saturday) before 9am. It's quite insane considering it's Saturday and we had a night out and I am lazy. But we did it. And we biked for a it but not too long and just chilled by the coast right after. I don't know why we do this to ourselves.

  • We chilled at Lex and Ashna's new place to watch the NDP 2016 fireworks rehearsals. I'm never going to be over their view and their nice place. Plus it was Pietro's last night (and the family's) before everyone returns back so it was a nice little chill night in.

  • And finally it's time to bid them adieu. July was clearly mostly dedicated to family and it was such a nice way to spend PB's wedding and Dad's birthday and just have everyone together again for a while. It was tiring as hell and I definitely got sick right after for a tiny bit but clearly worth it. Until Bali 2017.

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