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That's how you know

I wrote an essay back in high school about the time my brother Lex left the family home in Manila for Singapore to study. That was probably 12-13 years ago and I remember a sadness in having one less brother at home. Having just a one year age gap between us, we were always at odds with each other for the stupidest reasons, but as his departure for Singapore drew nearer, I remember consciously making an effort to be nicer, less annoying and just spend more time with him.

This weekend, Lex got married and now after 12 years after he left us for singapore, I know gained a new sister. I've known of Ashna almost 6 years back. I remember Lex telling me and my sister Pamy that he was seeing someone (his being younger than me, didn't seem to faze me -- he was a boy after all) but I only met her 4 years ago

and though I've only seen her more this last year in Singapore, she's always been a very smart and beautiful person who really seemed to compliment my brother. I'm still baffled that all my brothers had gorgeous girlfriends at one point in life (In my head, like really?! You're with my brother? I love them all, don't get me wrong). And as i got to know her and spent more time with her, I definitely enjoyed our time together.

So when Lex told us that they were engaged and set to get married, it was such a natural, normal thing. It feels like they were already married -- seeing Lex for dinner would mean Ashna was there and not in an annoying, clingy, they're always together way, but just a, but why wouldn't they be around kind of way. Meeting Ashna's family also felt natural and spending time with them was always nice.

And my brother seemed so much happier. Their stressful jobs were never topics of conversation (they're both lawyers) and just having them around each other was always easy. I'm so happy they're married and that they're in each others lives and in mine and I'm so excited to see what the years ahead have in store for them.

I always wonder, 'how do you know?' How do you know if they're the one? if the time is right or all the other questions in my head about relationships. Looking at Lex and Ashna, I guess it really is true, that When you know, you know. #LoveWins
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