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Currently: Cramming Things Off My Checklist

How is already more than halfway through July? I still stand by the time moves so fast and yet so slow adage that really doesn't make sense to anyone else but me. The second half of the year has proven to be off to an intense start and I really don't know what to expect out of 2016 anymore.

what about you guys? what's on your reading list? What are you listening to? What are you watching? What are you looking forward to? Tell me everything!

Loving: This entire Taylor Swift-Tom Hiddleston-Kim Kardashian-Kanye West-Calvin Harris mess an saga. I like Taylor's music. I like the Kardashian's show. I like Kanye's insanity. I like Tom Hiddleston's hotness. I like Calvin Harris's abs. But really. I love everyone in this crazy insane melodrama and I can't believe the intense mess this has become. It's sheer entertainment and an amazing to see it unfold many more layers and craziness. This can't be real life but it is.

Reading: Bumble/Tinder profiles (or not reading some of them). I succumbed and re-installed the app and though it's been off to a slow start, I'm actually pretty detached about it. I'm not constantly swiping or obsessing over what to say or not say or what their profiles say or not say. I've been flaked on, ignored and i've been chatted up too but I guess my fasting from it the past couple of months has given me a sort of healthier detachment. Which I like. I shall keep you posted on any non-developments.

Watching: UnReal is back in my life and so are my summer shows (like Suits). But really. I don't know how UnReal does it but Shiri and Constance Zimmer are just GODDESSES. QUEENS. This show. is. Life. I need ten seasons, webisodes, everything. I need fic. Also, I'm actually sort of enjoying Brain Dead mainly because Aaron Tveit even if the plot is slightly weird.

Listening to: And because of this entire mayhem, I've listened to way too much This is what You Came For complete with surprise back story of the lyrics. But really, I feel for Calvin Harris. Whether he's evil or in cahoots or whatever, I feel TayVin was real and is the only true victim of all of this. So let's give him more money by listening to this song.

Working on: Completing 365 miles this year (587.5 KM). Damn Mark Zuckerberg and his crazy challenge and my procrastinating it till June but I'm hoping I near the goal. I know I should just pro-rate it given I started in June but I know I can do this. Sure, I'll have to kill myself every day till the end of the year but let's at least aim to reach it? I'm hoping. I don't like running by the way.

Anticipating: My family is coming over this week which makes me both very exciting and exhausted at the thought but I'm so happy I get to hang out with my parents and little sister before she leaves us for the US. And my brother's getting married!!! _lexizzle and Ashna have been together 6 years now and I can't believe this is happening. First wedding in the family! I'm going to have a 4th sister! What?! It hasn't settled yet.

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