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Almost There, But Not Just Quite

We're more than half-way through the year already and July and looking back on my resolutions from January, I'm pretty good on some and not great at all on others. I guess, those are always pretty lofty when you write them out and realise at the end of the year that they were totally unattainable.

So here's a stab at trying to self-check half-way through the year, what I still need to work on further.

I will go on dates that don't require money -- Technically, I stopped going on dates for majority of the half of the year just because I deleted Tinder and kind of fell off the grid there. So this is irrelevant until I start it back up again.

I will learn to cook one dish with an actual stove -- I'm still on the fence on this and I really haven't cooked myself anything other than opening a can since the start of the year so I should probably look into a simple recipe that I"m willing to take a stab at. It can't be that hard, right?

I will not my waste my time, be more detached but will also keep an open mind -- This one is hard in general because I'm always attached and I always overthink but I'm trying and knowing is half the battle so now it's doing something about all this knowing. I just need to be distracted and I"ll be ok.

I will like myself more, stop judging myself and know that I am enough -- I think this will be a forever goal just because you can't do this enough. I know I need it more.
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