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Best of: June 2016

June heralds the end of the first half of the year and also a shit ton of goodbyes -- to varying degrees of permanence, depending on how you look at it. Still, it was a good month. I don't understand how I can be so blessed and feel more grateful for the life I live more and more everyday.

There are tough days, there are lots of those but there are also good days and good things happening and though they may be eclipsed by the not so great things, June wasn't bad at all.

  • With Sayaka off to Ho Chi Minh, I was welcome for any form of distraction and my cousin's cousin, Patricia invited me to drinks with her and her friends, Joeri and Makis who both turned out to be very entertaining and funny folks. It was a nice night out on Hong Kong street on a Thursday night. Not a bad way to almost greet the weekend.

  • The first Friday of the month was Chris's last day at work and one week after the other, saying goodbye to friends is always tough. So we made sure it was memorable. After the gift giving in the office and requisite drinks across the street, I was Chris's wing lady, for whatever it is he wanted to do on his technical last Friday in Singapore. I'm too old for this but it was a fun night nevertheless.

  • It's funny that Risa's time in Singapore is almost over when we didn't get to hang out as much as I thought we would. So it was a date for us at the Art Science Museum. we almost didn't get in to the Future World exhibition (we woke up way too late) but it was good that we got to see it, still. Her stay in Singapore was way too short so I hope she gets her extension.

  • On Chris's actual last day in Singapore, we went wake boarding. As the guy who introduced me to it, it's a shame I'm not any better than the first time we went wake boarding but I'm not too bad anymore. Amanda and I woke up way too early for a Sunday morning and headed to the marina to try and fail one last time with Chris. I'll definitely miss this guy.

  • Jessica has been very sweet to me with the squad leaving and she's been inviting me out to things so one Friday night, we went to see Me Before You which made me cry but not as much as I thought I would and then for a drink or two afterward. I like chill evenings like this and the view and the company were not bad at all. Singapore has been very good to me.

  • And because Chrissy was in town -- as she always seems to be, it was nice to see her and have dinner and drink (for me at least) right before I flew to Ho Chi Minh. It's always lovely to chat with Chrissy on things back home and update her on my not so happening life in Singapore. Plus it was a return to Hong Kong street for me.

  • I finally went to Vietnam. I had planned on going from Friday to Sunday and though it was quite short, it was a nice stay. The moment I arrived, Sayaka was there at the airport to pick me up and we had lunch with Rokky at this really nice Chinese restaurant where we started our game of 'how much do you think this meal would cost in Singapore'?

  • We met up with Chris for dinner at his favourite date spot and had more food. This trip was clearly all about food. It was a rooftop place and I was just exhausted from the day of chilling that climbing X number of flights of stairs was too much for me. So we made up for it by eating too many spring rolls.

  • They also took me to this very scary (at first, at the entrance) which turned out to be a very very cool speakeasy called Snuffbox and I literally had no idea where we were, but when we entered the condemned looking building, it turned out to be a pretty rad place. I'm too uncool for stuff like this. Only Chris and Sayaka can take me to these things.

  • In true Sayaka fashion, she got sick on a Saturday so it was homebound for us which was also fine because Sunday brought on more adventures starting with an amazing brunch and then more food and walking. We ended up on this pretty random street and had coffee on these small stools on the side of the road. HCM reminds me a lot of Manila except I feel safer (perhaps the tourist in me)

  • I also got my haircut from this really cool barber shop that does buzzed sides and a lot of random things. At first the guy didn't want to cut my hair because he was a barber and didn't do ladies hairstyles but I told him my hair was practically a guys anyway and he relented and then he took my photo after so i guess it wasn't too bad.

  • My last dinner in HCM was at this pretty swanky Italian place. It's funny cause I literally didn't have too much Vietnamese food considering I was in Vietnam but it was a good time over-all. I'd love to visit the friends here again and perhaps explore a bit more. For now, it was a nice break and so that I wouldn't miss Sayaka or Chris's face too much.

  • Getting back from Vietnam, it was nice to have lunch with my sister and my future sister-in-law, Ashna. It's probably our first time to hang out without my brother with us and it was a pretty good time -- even if it was a work day and we all had to rush back to work. I like it. It doesn't feel weird that my brother is getting married, to be honest. I guess they've been together so long, it's always felt this way.

  • For more goodbyes, Isa, one of our content planners also left the company and it's sad because we were only beginning to get closer. She's always been fun and nice to talk to and easy to share things with so it's too bad we didn't get any closer before she had to go. It was a Bangkok Jam farewell for her, as well.

  • With everyone leaving, the team did an offsite for the quarter at Aaron's place which just so happens to be very near my place and apparently VERY near the place I slow jog/slow walk to most days. It was nice to hang out with the entire team for a bit outside of work even if we kept getting told off for being too noisy. Plus 'jogging' home wasn't half bad either.

  • Getting the news that my grandma wasn't doing too well was pretty horrible so jamypye and I booked tickets home unexpectedly to at least say goodbye and I'm glad we still caught her. Despite her comatose, it was nice to just see her and hang out with family for a bit before she passed.

  • It also happened to be my little sister's graduation weekend so it was goodbye to college for her (and I'm so proud that she had the highest GPA in her batch, too). So it was a pretty weird weekend for us, the highs of my sister's graduation and the lows of my grandma being in the hospital.

  • The month literally ended on the last day of the month with my grandma passing. I've written about my feelings towards it and I don't know when it'll truly sink in but I know she's in a better place now.

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