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Currently: Staying Sane in Saigon

I've never been to Vietnam and so far my introduction to the city is not bad. Of course, I also find myself in bed with Sayaka (she's sick) as we watch Sex and the City (more on that later), but I really don't mind. I miss chill days like this one with brunch in bed and just vegging out.

And vegging out, I intend to do for more weekends to come. But for now, Ho Chi Minh is calling and tomorrow, we'll venture out. But for now, I'm totally ok.

Loving: Ho Chi Minh -- well I haven't seen much of it other than lunch, a bit of walking, dinner and drinks Friday night with Chris, Sayaka and Rokas. I think I was more than happy to see my friends that we could have been anywhere. But HCM reminds me of Manila in many ways (which is a good and not so good thing) but I know I'll be back to visit for sure.

Reading: So I breezed through Red Queen which I enjoyed (even if a lot of the action scenes were hazy to me) and so I moved on to Glass Sword and though I have no feelings just yet, I was reading Goodreads reviews on it and I'm kind of wanting to read the Shadow & Bone trilogy first. I read the first book (for an article I had to write) but never moved on. I think I just might.

Watching: And so in bed, we watch the two Sex and the City movies back to back. And i get how much flack they get, but they're fun and I can turn my brain off and it's just nice to zone out. Plus, it's making me want to re-watch the series. I was looking on Tumblr and there are quote everywhere which I thought I would never relate to and yet, I do. More the city part than the sex part I suppose, but still the same. I need more gifs from this show.

Listening to: Now that I no longer have a constant lunch friend, I've gotten around to listening to the Modern Love podcast by The New York Times and WBUR and it's making me want to get into podcasting again (when I say again, I'm referring to a couple weeks in college when my friend, Ana and I did a very basic podcast about nothing). But really, it's a really well-produced series that always somehow pulls the heartstrings. Here's to more episodes.

Working on: being ok with work and finding my pace now that it feels very much like a new job again (but also entering a more comfortable space) and finding out what i want. I know I want to stay in digital but what function and what industry and where I want to grow is up in the air. Not having an educational background in marketing always makes me feel one step behind everyone but i've been here 6+ years now and it's probably time to re-evaluate things. So here's to thinking hard on that.

Anticipating: the second half of the year is shaping up to be pretty swell. I know June isn't over yet but July, my parents are coming over to visit, August has my friend Koko visiting and we're watching Weezer! September is still up in the air but this might be the year I finally get to see the Singapore GP. October is my best friend, Lee-Ann's wedding. November has two weddings (Teeff and Reggie) and December is the holiday season. So I'm pretty pretty psyched for the rest of 2016.

What are you guys reading, watching, listening to, excited for? Tel me everything, please.

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