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12 of 12: When I just actually wanted to hang out in bed

The 12th also happens to be the Philippine Independence day and it was fitting that I spent today enjoying my freedom. Sure, I wasn't in Manila, but I did most things alone today and it was alright -- it was great. I tend to focus a lot on my single-ness and how I would like to be attached but days like this -- when I can wake up when I want to and do whatever it is I want to, without having to think of anyone but myself are days when I'm glad that I am unattached.

But also, independence from my parents and my family and being able to live away from home is something I've valued and am grateful for. Cheers to independence. We take it for granted, so much.

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    01. 12:26am, My room
    I was trying to finish Pride and Prejudice and Zombies before I slept but The Musketeers was a huge distraction. I can't believe it's going to be the last season already. I started series 3 thinking there would be a series 4, but now that I know there won't be one, I'm kind of trying to savour all of this. Luke Pasqualino and Tom Burke and Howard Charles and Santiago Cabrera will be sorely missed on my screen.

    02. 08:30am, My Room
    And I'm not late for the 9am mass! It's been a while since I made it to the 9am -- and instead have been going to the 9:15 (I live between two churches, so I have options) but it's nice to be not too late to the 9am mass. I miss living 2 seconds away from the church back in Manila (and I was still late)

    03. 10:07am, Punggol Road
    Don't you love it how there are so many cabs when you don't need one and never any when you do. It's not too much a problem here in SG, but I remember the struggle in MNL all too well. And here I am walking home from mass and wishing I was in the bus was too lazy to wait for it.

    04. 11:51am, My Room
    I honestly just wanted to stay home and in bed the whole day but then I wouldn't have done anything this weekend and then there would be ten pictures of me doing various activities in my room and so this was me temporarily resting as I packed my things for yoga.

    05. 12:39pm, Yoga Movement
    I'm starting to like this Yoga on Sundays just because it forces me to get out of the house. This won't work when I have brunch with the siblings but considering one is in Bali and the other in Seoul, it was the perfect weekend to do all this by myself.

    06. 02:32pm, Gyoza King
    And a late lunch it is. I can't believe this meal had 2 side dishes. A little pricey for the joint but super duper good gyoza and definitely something I'd come back to again. Perhaps next time I should share my food. Or not, let's be honest, I can eat this all.

    07. 03:32pm, The F1 Pit Building
    I should have bought tickets to the Coffee Festival earlier but the procrastinator in me didn't. Still, it was nice to see the wonderful set-up they had for this. There are so many festivals in Singapore, I should be used to this by now but there were a lot of folks and crowds really aren't my thing. Still, what a pretty et-up outside.

    08. 04:22pm, Commune Cafe + Bistro
    No, one can never have enough coffee and so I found myself in one of the many cafes at Millenia Walk (who knew!) and sat down to read and listen to music and just chill for a bit before heading back home. It was nice to just relax a bit -- though you know I would have rather been napping. But coffee is always a good choice.

    09. 05:20pm, Little India MRT Station
    I'm really liking the Downtown Line just because it connects me to so many more things from the Purple Line. And it has pretty architecture and decor. I kind of wish the Purple Line had more of these but I guess it's the newer lines that have all the fancy stuff (Yellow and Blue).

    10. 06:49pm, My Room
    And it's back to my bed before I have to run. I don't want to run. I really don't, but if I don't, then I'm screwed so I finish PPZ while resting from my very non-hectic day out and psych myself for my eventual slow-jog-walk-slow-jog routine that I've got going on. It takes everything in me not to sleep.

    11. 07:45pm, PCN
    And I have a new favourite route, the PCN that connects the parks and goes along the Serangoon river isn't something you can see much of at night but it's a nice long run without any stoplights and a very gentle to non-existent breeze because of the non-river river.

    12. 08:38pm, Somewhere in Punggol
    And because I was trying to see how long this river would go, I ended up doubling my usual slow-jog-walk-slow-jog and ended up in Punggol and a 12.25KM total. Not bad but I could have done way shorter and way better time. But hey, now I know that the river does not end.

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