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Distract Me, Please

It's June! We're entering the halfway point of 2016 and it's been quite the insane ride already. The month has started off on a slightly sad note just because 2 of my friends have left for Vietnam but there's no point being sad sad sad, so I'm trying my best to stay positive and keeping my chin up and distractions! I need all the distractions I can get.

+ Distraction 1: Running again. I thought that I would start doing the 365 miles a year starting in January but of course, I have not, so now I have to cram the balance of the miles I need to run for the rest of the year. It's quite insane. and I have to run 5K every other day for the rest of the year, but I want to do this and now i have time. I'm going to be so tired.

+ Distraction 2: UnReal is back in our lives! I'm so excited to see this crazy tv show back on my screen just because the first season was so insanely awesome. Constance Zimmer and Shiri Appleby have such an amazing chemistry together and I'm so psyched to see how huge a clusterfuck they're going to get into this season.

+ Distraction 3: Work -- not just my actual work but thinking about what it is I really do want to do. Now I have time to simmer and stew and figure out what I want to do next or in this current company or just think things through. It's been pretty hectic and there never is any down time but I need to create time to think otherwise, i'm going in circles.

+ Distraction 4: You guys! Expect random messages and much more stalking from me just because I want to keep busy and keep updated with all of you. For those I have on snapchat or those I haven't, I'm pattylazatin on there and if you're not on Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram or Facebook, let me know because I'm going to bug you guys there or on WhatsApp. I'm annoying, I know.

What are you guys up to this month?
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