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Best Of: May 2016

My months are getting more emotional. With Sayaka resigning at the end of April and Chris following her lead and resigning in May, it's been a month of denial and not wanting to let go but also clinging to every last bit of time we have together. It's insane, I met these people a year ago and yet, it feels like eternity.

May was good, don't get me wrong. I'm not depressed (yet), I'm smiling and I'm grateful. It's just always sad when people leave and May was like one big countdown to Sayaka leaving for Vietnam. It's been a good run, and I know it's not the end, but I clearly underestimated how much I had latched on to her. Here's to May, it was merry when it was.

  • I started the month hanging out with Risa and Vincent Yang for lunch at this nice Nepalese restaurant in Little India. For someone who now lives in the same country as me, I barely see Risa De Sagun and it makes me sad but I know she's busy with INSEAD and so am I. It's just funny going from seeing her 24/7 in Manila at Summit and now in Singapore and it's not the same but it's not bad.

  • As if I didn't get enough of Little India, I spent the afternoon chilling with Risa and Vincent and then headed to dinner with Sayaka (and Rokky who was visiting from Vietnam!) and Emil and Janice and Kaulin at Mustard. So more Indian food for me and it was just nice to see Rokky. Another guy who's left SG for VN. Why is Vietnam taking away all my favourite people?

  • There wasn't much time to breathe or think or chill when my cousin Brian visited though. Those were probably the 4 most intense days of my life. I took a leave on a Friday so we could hang and he met Sayaka and Chris and we had lunch at Omakase. Burgers are always a good option and it was nice for extended family to meet my work family.

  • Saturday with Brian meant brunch with Pamy and PB at Pacamara and though it's a bus ride away, it was Ubers all the way for me and Brian just because we'd either be a) late or just b) lazy and it's the weekend! So it was nice to try a new brunch place that's halfway between me and the siblings place. Good times.

  • I took a break from cousin duties and met up with Sayaka and our NIKE client who took su to the factory store to shop. It was pretty fun to spend the afternoon looking at expensive sports gear -- I really don't feel I deserve this kind of athletic wear considering how lazy I am, but it's very tempting when you have a 50% discount. I'm proud to say I walked away empty-handed (but got super tempted I went back 3 days later and bought a pair of sneakers). But that day, I stood proud. Sayaka though, was a champion shopper and we went to two stores for her haul.

  • Sunday with Brian had some serious activity and we ended up wake boarding again. It's my third time on the boat but only my 2nd time actually trying to wakeboard. We had a different instructor from the last time (his wife!) and she was amazing. She got me standing more and longer. My body hurt like crazy still after but it was pretty fun.

  • We also ended up meeting one of Brian's friends from Pittsburg who just moved to singapore at a pretty nice bar called Lantern. This guy and his wife just moved in December and their place is sick! It's got an amazing view of the Marina and they have the most adorable baby. It's always nice to meet new folks and I hope I get to hang out with them more.

  • This was a random photo from right after Chris resigned. I know you're all sick of me whining about them but Sayaka and Chris have been an awesome support system at work and though I still have some support, it's going to be so so so weird without them. Look at the smiles on those faces.

  • It was the 12th of the month (and I had included this photo in that post, too) but my roomies and I actually had a dinner together which is quite rare. But Nando's is a great excuse to get together and that was some amazing chicken. We talked about the sad state of politics and government in Manila an just hope things get better.

  • And then the goodbye dinners started and we kicked it off with a great dinner at Rashi and Abhi's house (and they live in an amazing complex with a HUGE pool that no one ever goes to). It was nice to have a home-cooked meal (grilled chicken! Pizza! Drinks) and it was just nice to chill with my favourite folks from the office.

  • I'm trying to see my siblings more often just because we live in the same country and should hang out more so we saw my brother and Ashna and had a nice brunch. It's weird being adults and talking about topics I didn't think we'd ever get into as kids. I'm glad I have my siblings here in the same place. I am so grateful for this.

  • And for more goodbyes, I promised Sayaka, we'd go to a champagne brunch and what better way to do this than with our friends Kaulin and Becky and Adoni. Brunch at Senso was amazing. Mimosas overflowing and just good food. Then because it was so hot, we hung out at Adoni's place's pool and it was really good. And when you're when these folks, it extends all the way to dinner at a great Italian restaurant and hanging out some more. I'm going to miss having Sayaka around for these. She did introduce me to them after all.

  • Working where we work, it's always nice to meet the brands, especially when they're super nice so Sayaka's last week had us saying goodbye to our clients from Nike who clearly adore Sayaka and wished her well. It's nice to have nice relationships with colleagues.

  • On Sayaka's seocnd to the last day, we had our last lunch at Bangkok Jam. I love this restaurant. sayaka is not ht biggest fan but it was nice to step away from the office one last time before everyone goes away.

  • On Friday, Risa came over to the office to borrow some clothes (for a formal thing she had going on) and though she wasn't able to stay for lunch, it was nice to get both my favorites together. It's funny we didn't hang out as much as we could have but it was good.

  • Sayaka's going away started at the office party then to across the street then Club st where we left everyone to pick Rokky up and then back to CATO and finally home. I am pretty tired from all these goodbye things going on but it was a fun night for sure.

  • I went back to hang out with Sayaka on her last day in Singapore and we had lunch at IKEA which is full circle because that's where we first had dinner together and it was weird packing up all her things and emptying her room and by the time we said goodbye at the airport, it was pretty sad. At least I get to see her next month.

  • And because everyone was scared of what I'd do when she left, it was nice of my cousin's cousin, Patricia to invite us out to drinks (at 10 pm! So late!) at the National Gallery. And that was a nice fun distraction and always such a treat because Patricia is so fun to be around. So that was May. It was clearly insane.

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