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Currently: Learning to let go-ish

I've been playing catch-up all month of May and mostly because I think I've been in denial. Denial is the first step, I know so the rest will come my way. For now, it's still not sinking in (though we near it, day by day) that by the end of the month, two of my friends will be gone. But I'm still in denial so instead, here I am catching up on LJ entries.

Because checklists and reminders and scheduling events on my calendar are honestly the things that keep me going. If I don't have this order or reminder or whatnot in my life, I don't know how I'd manage. And even though this is another check off my list, it's always a fun entry to do. So here goes

No, it's not those sneakers above, but meeting with NIKE every week does make you sort of obsessed with their stuff

Loving: My new sneakers. I'm no sneaker-head. In fact, I've lived with very few shoes since I moved to Singapore but going to the NIKE company store and getting sales talked into a pair of Free RN's in the best orange color. It looks yellow and bright and really not going to match any of my clothes, but it's pretty. No regrets!

I didn't know that this author was a guy until I googled this. Seriously. How un-literary of me.

Reading: I've worked my way through two of the Austen Project re-tellings and I'm excited to start Emma by Alexander McCall-Smith. I've never read any of her other books but I'm pretty psyched given I love Emma to bits. Northanger Abbey was a better adaptation than Sense & Sensibility so I hope Emma is even better than the two.

yes, I am swooning throughout the entire trailer, I can't help myself

Watching: The Musketeers is back in my life and it's pretty much like it never left. I wish we got more episodes every season and I wish it weren't too long a wait in between the seasons but I'll take what I can get. Plus, we've got Rupert Everett joining this year's cast and he's devious as ever so I can't wait to see what the Musketeers get up to.

because i will take whatever Justin wants to give me -- and this is so good

Listening to: How perfect is Justin Timberlake's new single Can't Stop the Feeling is pretty damn infectious. And I've been trying to start my day with this just to perk me up when I'm really not feeling it. Most days it works, but there are days when I'm feeling pretty sad which leads me to the next topic.

This is clearly my mood right now -- I'm getting all emotional, I know

Working on: being without my two closest work friends. Sayaka and Chris leave one week after the other and I know I'll survive it but it'll be weird not having them at the office everyday anymore. I know I'l be ok, it's just going to take some getting used to. I will be ok. Repeat 10x.

Two weekends with Sayaka and my two sort of squads reuniting in Ho Chi Minh? Yes, please.

Anticipating: visiting Sayaka and going to Vietnam for the first time next month! I've never been to Ho Chi Minh and now I have a great excuse. So it's crazy that I'm going two weekends (with a rest weekend in between) but the opportunity is there so I'll take it. I cannot wait.

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