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12 of 12: When I tried being sort of interesting

Work days are always pretty monotonous when it comes to trying to take photos of it. But I'm trying my best to mix it up and take different parts of the day and trying to make the day less 'my office desk' and 'my bedroom' but of course that couldn't be avoided. Here's a glimpse into my 12th of May -- it was a Thursday and it wasn't bad at all.

  • Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
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    01. 08:20am, my bedroom
    So Sayaka and I went to H&M and I've always prided myself in getting to walk in there and not get anything but then there was a pajama set with Darth Vader on the shorts and a really comfortable top. I succumbed. And i've worn it to bed ever since.

    02. 08:43am, the playground outside our house
    So I thought this was a nice little continuation of my Star Wars photo and it felt like BB-8. I know I'm forcing this but I was pretty hopeful that the entire day could be Star Wars theme. Spoiler: it is not. But it was fun to pretend for a bit. Also, this mat is so soft.

    03. 1:10pm, Bangkok Jam
    We were supposed to have a girls lunch with Rashi and Sayaka and Bernice and Zylia because with Sayaka leaving for Vietnam and Bernice leaving for vacation, it would be our last time together as a team. It's too bad that Rashi got sick and couldn't join us for lunch but it was nice to chat and eat at my favourite Thai place for a bit.

    04. 05:05pm, my office desk
    So I have strange discovery! I drink so much more water when I drink out of my Taylor Swift 1989 Tour tumbler and it's all because of the straw. I just keep sipping. ALL DAY. I've been drinking way more water than I usually do and I'm really happy about it. Now to make sure this tumbler lasts forever.

    05. 05:52pm, not my office desk
    So I love sitting in front of Sayaka and it's always so fun but underneath our desk is insane and I'm constantly kicking back things. Before, I had to contend with Chris's not so long legs crossing my threshold and now it's Sayaka's stuff. I complain but it's all with love. I'm going to miss having her stuff across from me.

    06. 07:26pm, our row at the office
    So clearly, the left part of the office has emptied out and I'm already late for dinner but I had to rush a couple of things and finish a lot of things and make deadlines and so I find myself still at the office. This is my normal time to go home. If you actually turn the camera behind me, you'll see there are so many people left. Welcome to overtime in Asia.

    07. 08:02pm, Penang Road
    And I'm finally on my way home. We're supposed to have dinner as a house -- all the roomies and to make it home in time (because I"m late), I decide to just take an uber. Ubers and cabs and Grabcar spoils me. Public transportation is A+ in Singapore but I find myself cabbing all the time. This is not good for my wallet.

    08. 08:37pm, our dining room
    So Barb and Mark are such fans of Nando's (so am I) that they've already gotten 2 whole chickens for free as part of their rewards card. And they were sweet enough to share their loot with the rest of us. So it was a feast of awesome lemon and herb chicken (two entire ones) and sides and just lots of food! So good.

    09. 09:10pm, still our dining room
    Here are the roommatesall complete, well I cut myself out of the photo but you get the photo. It's Mark and Barb who are married and whom I've known since my old days at Summit -- I went to their wedding and it was awesome. The other two girls are Kara and Arianne whom I met a couple years back when I visited Mark and Barb in my soon to be future home. All in all cool roomies.

    10. 09:32pm, our kitchen
    So another thing I love about our house is there's a schedule to things and I get to do laundry on Wednesdays and Thursdays which used to work out perfectly for me but lately I've been getting lazy. But I hate doing loads of laundry and would like to keep it to just one load so I try to do it weekly.

    11. 11:04pm, my bedroom
    And this is what happens post-laundry. We do have a dryer but it doesn't get all the way super dry sometimes and so it's best to just hang it up in my room and close the windows but keep the curtains open and let the sun dry it out. I learned my lesson by putting in some of my clothes semi-damp -- it was not a good result.

    12. 11:58pm, still my bedroom
    And finally, I'm on the last year of my Sentence a Day Journal from Kikki-K and it's pretty interesting to look at how my answers have progressed year on year and though some are fun, some are also pretty damn eerie in how accurate they've been -- especially this page. Let next year be good, as well.

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