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Everybody's changing and I still stay the same v121412491203812

I feel like this Keane lyric from ten million years ago still holds true to this day. I know I've definitely used it as an LJ entry from a bazillion years before and I've used it multiple times but it's just so appropriate.

I've been pretty open about my work struggles and how I've been pretty frustrated and this month, two of my closest colleagues (whom I consider super close friends) have resigned and are moving to Vietnam at the end of the month. This is all pretty disheartening and feels like the cherry on top of my work sundae but I'm trying my best to pull through. Even though not very successful at it.

My boss has talked to me about my attitude and how I'm definitely more negative than when I started a mere year ago and it scares me that I'm turning this way so soon into the job. It took me four years in my old company to get to toxic levels and it's only been a year and i've reached it so soon.

So yeah, I'm trying to be better. and I'll keep trying to be more grateful. Sayaka sent me this video and I clearly picked up the wrong message from the video but I'm literally the opposite of charming and attractive these days, with all my bitching and whining and complaining and blaming and fearing and worrying. So yeah, knowing is half the problem, I suppose. I should now do something about it.

I need all the positive vibes though because i'm in a pretty dark and negative place and I don't like feeling this way. I hope your moods and temperaments are all vastly better than mine.
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