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best of: april 2016

April was another pretty crazy month. With just 30 days (one short than the 'usual'), I'm surprised I managed to get so much socialisation going on. I'm surprised at how outgoing I've become -- not necessarily by choice but because I literally just say yes to anything I get invited to. And April, had a lot of yes moments.

We literally started the month with dinner and drinks out with Kaulin and Becky and Sayaka. Mexican food at Clarke Quay and a beer at Harry's. It wasn't like we weren't going to see each other the next day -- we would, but Friday night had to be celebrated. Then the next day had me having the longest day ever starting with lunch at Bleu Kouzina (not my first time) but a first time with a Greek friend! It's different when they know what to order. From drinks by the poolside to Indian for dinner to more drinks after, I was exhausted by the time I got home.

It's funny that I live near some friends and colleagues too, because I live pretty far out from the city so it was a nice surprise to see Denise at the MRT! Even if we didn't get to hang, it was nice to chat for a bit. Drinks with Risa and Sayaka will never cease to be fun, too! Having both my girls in Singapore is always such a treat.

And because I vowed to see Risa twice a week (clearly, it's not happening), it was nice to see her for brunch and hang out for ice creams for a bit afterward. April also had me attempting to vote for the first time. It was pretty intense not being able to vote because I wasn't registered but we got that all resolved with help from friends who knew friends. So very Philippines.

I also went to my first ever wedding in Singapore! My colleague LJ invited almost the entire team and I have to say, we got a pretty fun table with half the folks from the CRM team and half of us from Onsite and it was just lots of drinking and taking photos and acting silly. I also attended a concert with the gang! Tame Impala was pretty trippy and awesome live and I kine of wish I was on another plane of thinking while watching them but they were fun.

I also finally got to hang out more with Chris and Risa. And though I haven't shopped in a long time in-store, it was nice to do the brick and mortar route and initially just tag along with Risa but just like old times, I would get totally influenced. I got a nice yellow dress. I'm looking for a special occasion to wear it. I also ran my first 5K in singapore! the Snoopy Run was actually a photo opportunity disguising as a run -- with standees set up so that you could take photos ever 500 meters. It was fun and i beat my time and I didn't stop jogging. It was good!

Blanche also came to visit and this was fun even if tiring because I just came from the run but Blanche would only be here for a day before she flew off so I knew i had to make the most of our time and I'd like to think I showed her a good bit of Singapore and a fun bit.

Also something I"ve never done in Singapore is go to Bang Bang which is a club and though I"m not not one for the night life, I was there serving as wing lady to Emmy -- who totally doesn't need a wing lady. But it was nice to get free drinks so Risa and i enjoyed the fruits of Emmy's labor or rather her effortless hot self. It was definitely an experience.

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