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Currently: Raring to Start Something New

I'm always so hopeful at the start of something -- a quarter, a month, the week, the day and so Quarter 2 of 2016 I hope is even better than quarter 1. And I realised I need to keep listing the things I'm happy for and the things I'm grateful for and focus on those rather than the negative. So this list is about happiness and things I'm loving right now. What about you?

Loving: Kate and William's trip to India and Asia. Seriously. She is so gorgeous in every single shot and all her outfits are just so appropriate and just resonate so well. I miss seeing these two and really really want a sequel to The Royal We but for now, I shall drool over how gorgeous they look! Also, how can I have a job called, Royal Commentator

Reading: Sayaka told me to watch the Me Before You trailer which pretty much made me want to read the book no matter how sad the ending is -- although I'm hoping they change the movie's ending just to make it a tad happier. But then seeing Sam Claflin look all gorgeous, I'll probably want to watch Love, Rosie just to cheer me up after.

Watching: Well technically, I haven't seen The Girl on the Train yet but the trailer did get released and even if they changed the setting from London to New York (boo but not too much boo but still), it's pretty interesting and exciting. I love the heartless cover they play on the soundtrack and very eerily Gone Girl-esque even if the book isn't super like it, I'm excited.

Listening to: Thanks once again to Spotify Discover Weekly and EW, I am able to come up with my April playlist but let's be honest, I didn't want to fall for this album but it's actually not bad. I'm talking about ZAYN's aNnOyInGlY capped/un-capped album. It's ridiculous and I won't be able to type any of the titles properly but it's a fun album. It's no JT-post-NSYNC, but it's fun.

Working on: Surviving the 5K I signed up for. I've been pretty horrible at training for it. And I'm really nervous that I'll collapse halfway through the run but I'm crossing my fingers that I make it in good time. It's a Snoopy Run so it's not like anyone's going to take it seriously (except for me) but it'll be fun. And yes, I'm run with Gwen Stefani's new album. Just because

Anticipating: SO MANY THINGS. My friend Blanche is coming over this Sunday (after I survive the Snoopy Run!) and my cousin Brian comes to visit in the first week of May! And then I go home on the 14th of May to try on a bridesmaid dress for my best friend!!! So it's a lot of fun things coming up. But really, how excited are we for Captain America: Civil War -- looks intense too!

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