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Best Of: March 2016

And with that, quarter 1 of 2016 is over. It's been a pretty insane month filled with multiple ups and downs and just lots of uncertainty. While going through it on a daily basis, it felt pretty bleak and pretty confusing and just not something I wanted to go through but there were good times. Lots of good times.

And I'm glad that these monthly recaps lets me focus on the good times, even if I barely make it through the not so good times. Here's to quarter 2 of 2016, may I be pleasantly surprised.

  • My cousin's friends from Portland came over at the beginning of the month and we had a pretty fun two days taking them around. Carlos and Jay were such fun folks to be around and I'm glad I started the month with them.

  • We also had to say goodbye to Rokas who's leaving our fun little group to have an awesome job in Ho Chi Minh and though it'd be fun to visit him there, it's going to be sad not having him being his ADHD-self around us. It was a great farewell.

  • I also helped my sister jamypye celebrate her 33rd birthday with two meals! She treated us to Adrift at Marina Bay Sands and the FOOD WAS SUPERB. And then for round 2, we had butter crab even if I ended up at the wrong restaurant. Good times!

  • Sayaka's been sick on and off and I'm glad I was able to drop by (against her will) just to bring her some food or just say hello. It was weird not having her in the office but it's weirder to be sick and not have someone take care of you. I hate getting sick here just because my mom isn't here. So it was nice to hang.

  • There were more goodbyes too, and this time in the office, we said goodbye to Clement, a really nice colleague of ours. It was good it coincided with the monthly company party so at least there was free booze to bid him adieu.

  • I'm so happy that Risa is now in the city with me even if only for a bit. I've mandated that we see each other at lest once a week but it's not always going to happen so it's fun to see her on weekends even if i have to go all the way to Orchard to tag along as she shops. So nice to have her.

  • Christopher and I hung out at Denise's store and I met his other friend Erica who had some awesome advise for me. It's nice to see Filipinos around even if only for a bit. We had lechon (roasted pig) and it was just nice to chill for a bit and gossip and have fun.

  • And Sayaka was still sick in bed and so it was fun to actually drop by and say hello and catch up on all the things we've missed saying to each other. It's weird. I hate being sick and I'm glad that she's getting better.

  • I ended up back in the city on a Sunday (which is rare for me) so that Adoni and I could meet up for lunch (after being abandoned by everyone for the Easter weekend). Lunch and walking around Takashimaya was a nice way to spend Easter.

  • For dinner on Easter Sunday, my sister cooked food for me and our brother so it was fun to chill a bit as a nice end to the long weekend. We clearly need more long weekends and more free home-cooked dinners.

  • Sayaka is finally back in the office and I feel so surprisingly clingy to her just because it's nice to have her across the table from me again. As soon as we got our paycheque for the month, we had a not too cheap meal for lunch and I went back to annoying her.

  • Finally, to end the month, Risa and Sayaka finally met (and Risa got to meet Chris, too!). It's so weird to have my Manila and Singapore set of work friends meet and hang out. I love that I get to see them both. So it's nice to just have them both here around me.

  • How were your March's? Or your first quarters even? Isn't it insane how quickly time flies? I hope everything is fabulous with everyone? Tell me what I've missed!

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