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Currently: Finding the Silver Lining in all things

It's been a pretty crazy past couple of weeks and only this week have things started to look up-ish Well not quite happy happy days, but at least not depressed which is always a vast improvement in mood.

Loving: My new Kindle. I'm so happy I finally got one. After my 6-year old died and then I stole my dad's kindle and his was six years old, too so they both died the same death. And I've been spending so much that I just couldn't justify buying it, but I was like, fine. I need t read again. And it's brilliant! I'm so happy I got it. Best purchase ever.

Reading: I just finished reading The Sound of Gravel which I totally didn't realise was a memoir until the very end. Sure, there were photos of the 'family' that was written about it in the book, but it totally didn't dawn on me. It was a pretty sad book but really inspiring and really made me feel more grateful about all the things I have.

Watching: My roommate and I finished House of Cards together and though I totally skipped the previous season, this was an intense one as always. I don't know how they're going to do it next season but I actually do want to watch it again. I also tried Grace and Frankie and Martin Sheen and Sam Waterson's characters are so cute.

Listening to: Still thanks to Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist, I'm obsessing over a couple of songs like ILYSB by LANY which then led me to a spiral of listening to all their things which I ended up really liking

I also really like and miss this kind of sound from Judith Hill and her song Cry Cry Cry.

Working on: Booking all my flights for all the weddings I'm going to this year. I have three friends getting married in October/November and apparently I have to settle hotels (2 out of 3 aren't in Manila) and flights! It's pretty insane that three of my amazing friends are tying the knot this year. I hope I get the best deals.

Anticipating: Easter weekend! It's a three-day weekend and though I'm not going anywhere or doing anything, I just want a long weekend again! I kind of wish I had something planned but these days, I just never know anymore.

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