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12 of 12: When I totally blanked that it was the 12th of the month

I didn't realise it was the 12th just because I ended Friday pretty late and woke up on Saturday the 12th, totally unaware of what the day and time was. But it's all good because considering I didn't have anything planned initially, it ended up being a pretty busy day.

  • Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
  • Post the pictures chronological order
  • Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
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    01. 12:55am, Party World KTV
    It's sad to say goodbye to friends and Rokas leaving for Vietnam will be sad but I'm happy he found work he likes there. So on the second half of the night, we ended up doing karaoke but not without doing the massage chairs first. I could sleep in these.

    02. 03:26am, Novotel, Clarke Quay
    If it wasn't for Becky or Kaulin or Sayaka or Rokas, I would not find myself doing karaoke past midnight and yet there we were. I'm always happy to go home and just rest. But it was a fun night with red bull and lots of bad singing. Just the way it should be.

    03. 03:18pm, Fullerton Bay Hotel
    12 hours later I find myself at the Fullerton Bay Hotel with Christopher, waiting for his shoot to start. It's nice to tag along with Christopher's shoots just because I do nothing and am able to get out of the house. Plus, great venue today.

    04. 04:41pm, La Brasserie
    I just got myself a new Kindle and Christopher got some pate and chardonnay was buy-one-take-one so it was really a very good way to spend the afternoon. I will not say no to cheap-isn alcohol.

    05. 04:54pm, La Brasserie
    And because I literally do nothing at this photo shoot, I'm here to entertain Christopher during his breaks styling the model. It's always nice to have awesome friends in the office to pull you out of your bed on a weekend and force you to get up.

    06. 05:27pm, VENUE
    I don't think I'll ever tire of this view. I still have to pinch myself whenever I find myself in the Marina Bay area just because it's such a sight to behold. The shoot lasted a bit longer after this but I will forever love this view. Insert blessed hashtag here.

    07. 06:58pm, Casa Tartuffo
    As if the afternoon drinking wasn't enough, we wanted to have Filipino food for dinner but the place was closed so instead we found ourself near Ann Siang Hill at this restaurant I've always been curious about. Coffee was A+ And at this point, I realised that I wasn't taking photos by the hour. Panic ensues.

    08. 07:38pm, Casa Tartuffo
    And because coffee and olives were clearly just a start, we had the polpo salad (twice!) after and it was just a decadent and hedonistic afternoon. Clearly, we should have stopped with salad number one, but the octopus was very good. It's hard to resist.

    09. 08:02pm, Casa Tartuffo
    And finally for the main dish of the evening (Take note, we just thought we'd be having coffee here), we have some of the house special pasta -- truffle and mushroom pasta which was insanely rich and delicious. I'm glad we split it because this would have been way too much.

    10. 08:15pm, CBD
    And yes, this was interesting to find -- cosplayers walking around a deserted CBD area on a Sunday. They were clearly used to having their photo taken and just generally being looked at. Hello, Spiderman or something that looks like him at least

    11. 09:08pm, Fair Price
    And it's some last minute grocery shopping before heading home. No, I didn't buy this but I thought that the design of the label would make me want to buy it. I'm not very discerning for wine and clearly packaging gets to me so noted for future purchases.

    12. 11:03pm, my room
    And it's Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder evenings. Both these shows just keep getting more insane and I find myself doing other things while watching them, which is fine. But it also means it's on it's way to being let go. Who knew I would give up on shows?

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