Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

The Good, The Bad and the Unhealthy

The Good: A friend we met at my cousin's wedding last year, Jay and his friend Carlos swung by Singapore for two days this week and so Thursday and Friday were both hectic but totally fun and a great distraction to all the craziness at work -- more on that in the next point. But it was nice for jamypye and I to roll out the welcome wagon and act like tourists too!

From getting 'turnt' (I had to google this by the way) on a Thursday night -- going for drinks at bars I don't necessarily frequent to the aquarium and Singapore Jazz fest and chilli crabs (I couldn't eat but I tried) on Friday night, it was a nice fun time with our 'cousin' Jay. I hope my actual cousins do visit us soon, too.

The Bad: So this week, my boss sat me down to let me know there would be restructuring in our department and though we do get to keep our jobs and it makes sense from a functional and organisational point of view, I'm sad that our team gets broken up. My team has been such a GREAT support system and I don't know how we'll be functioning now.

It sounds dramatic considering we'll all be in the same floor, still, but our work is pretty hectic and stressful and crazy that it's always nice to know you have someone who has your back and you can complain with and get through busy days with. It's going to be different and it's making me think more about what I actually want to do next but we've been pretty bummed out all week.

The Unhealthy: I'm supposed to be training for a 5K in April and my Nike Running app tells me I should have started my running last Monday. But I haven't. Not only have I been lazy but with all the sad news of the week, I've just been feeling very unmotivated in general. I'll try to catch up with training -- I have to.

And not just physically, but pretty much unhealthy spiritually too. And so I've been pretty much trying to pray my way through all of this. My sister gave me a book on how to pray -- I know it's something I actually want to read -- the examen. I haven't finished the book but it makes sense to me. It's interesting because I've been so anxious and Pamy, Jay and Carlos -- three people I've been hanging with all week were so chill and i realise they have amazing faith and really good prayer lives. So maybe i can be more relaxed and chill and just let go once I get better at this praying business.
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