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UST made me a little happy

I just came home from my USTET. I have to say, that compared to the ACET, and the UPCAT, this wasn't as bad as I expected. That's probably the most okay test I've taken. I don't want to gloat or put it down too much, because I can't really vouch for my artistic skills.

Coming up with my own mascot for a food product and making my own lettering for random words isn't exactly something I'm very skilled at. Still, I'm pretty glad that I didn't have to draw a dining chair and a matching dining room table in three dimensions. Not my kind of test.

I have to commend UST though for giving me the most conducive to test taking room. Beato Angelico Room F602 was pretty good. The chairs were like taller computer chairs that were actually padded and cushioned. How's that for comfortable? Then, the tables were mighty large. They were drafting tables for Architecture students, I'm guessing, so I had no problems balancing the booklet on one knee and the answer sheet and scratch paper on the other, because huge tables are very helpful.

The only thing I didn't appreciate too much was the fact that I was right smack under the fan. I had to try my best to hold my papers down half the time. Not exactly very easy, but I'm not going to complain, I was too comfortable in my seat.

Three tests down, one more to go. The problem is, this is a pretty major one. I paid big bucks for it (fifty to be precise), and it's going to determine a lot of things. I better get back to my SAT reviewer because I'm going to need to cram as much as I can right now. The countdown to the test itself is dwindling down and I really need to get started on it. I don't want to rush myself and I don't want to be under-prepared. Grrr....

However, I must say that yesterday evening was fun. Going to Claude's Mardi Gras birthday was great! Gela dearest was ever so generous to bring me with her, again, and we just had the best time together! Before the party even started, we were already laughing our asses off. We had dinner at Cafe Breton at Greenbelt 3 because we didn't want to be too early to the party. Our seats were also very strategically placed. We were right next to the glass windows so we could see the sliding doors that were the entrance and exits to the mall itself. What was hilarious was that we were able to count FOUR groups of people who would walk casually into the exit doors, hoping and waiting for it to slide open for them. Finally, they realize that the sensors are on the other side as it is the EXIT. Everyone tried looking cool and calm after, but it was so obvious that they were embarrassed.

I didn't stay too long at the party, but I had to say everyone was so cool. Dressing up according to the theme, everyone was so game to their own understanding of what a Mardi Gras was supposed to look like. I didn't even really care what I wore, but seeing everyone else so dressed up made me wish I had a more extensive wardrobe to pull something like that out off.

Klar and I surely enjoyed ourselves. Even for that tiny bit. And my head is still dizzy from all that... I haven't washed my hands yet! I guess I'm going crazy, but that's the effect I got. Some people are just so blessed. I want to thank Sam for helping a poor girl realize her dreams. Oh goodness, I'm getting delusional.

Nevertheless, I had fun. It was definitely a great way to start my sembreak with. Here's to more fun filled no class days!
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