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Best Of: February 2016

And just like that, my favourite month of the year is done. It of course, is also the fastest month with just 29 days this year (one more than last) and yet it totally blew by in a snap. I also turned 29 this month and got sick and just generally stayed home way more than I've found myself these past few months. But I like it. I liked it a lot.

We had a long weekend this month (the longest one in Singapore) and it was a nice and chiller Chinese New Year than I had expected. I had thought of all these plans I would do but instead I babysat my cousin for a night, went wake boarding for the first time in my life (and suffered the consequences after) and hung out at the museum. The rest of the weekend was spent indoors, catching up on reading and TV and movies.

Speaking of wake boarding, it doesn't look easy when friends did it before me and it proved to be difficult as I took a stab at it. The instructor was very patient and took things really slow with me but I wiped out one too many times. In the end, I did get to stand up but not after having swallowed half the Marina.

I clearly spent a lot of the month, taking friends twinning with each other. Maybe not me, but this is going to catch on if I have to force it -- except that I didn't. They did just show up at work with matching outfits. and I loved it.

I also had non-traditional CNY meals with fellow foreign friends (something I didn't even think I was walking into) and a traditional CNY meal (also something I wasn't expecting to be invited to) with local clients. The non-traditional meal had a lot of small talk with strangers and I'm glad for common acquaintances to help ease the awkwardness for me and a couple of bankers. The traditional meal was easier because I can talk it up with clients as part of the job. It was fun and interesting and definitely not something I thought I'd be doing one entire CNY ago. You do get to do something new every year.

And despite my careful planning, there were still weekends where I was double/triple booked. One Saturday, I had said yes to my brother's birthday dinner first, then to Sayaka's Brazilian carnival invite second and then to Kaulin's birthday drinks last. This is a clear case of Patty being unable to say no to things but there's also my mantra of saying yes to everything. Except that I was already feeling sic getting into Saturday so that was probably me overdoing it some more. But I made it through the weekend -- including a movie and lunch on Sunday. Still, it was fun.

The Brazilian carnival with Sayaka was something I wouldn't have done without her and I didn't drink much just because I was already feeling sick. We met a cute couple (a Brazilian Japanese guy and a Singaporean girl who met at crossfire) and hung out with them at our little table.

I then went to PB's birthday dinner with Ashna and Pamy and Toby and Jeannie and have rekindled my love for burgers! I can't believe it took moving to Singapore for me to eat these. After dinner, we had drinks! At a fake Irish pub. I confirmed it's veracity with and Irish acquaintance and try enough, that Irish name was wrong. And apparently a true Irish pub would never forget our tab and this one did. But because we reminded them, they gave us free shots! More alcohol for being honest!

And because Kaulin and Becky had told me about their birthday plans for Kaulin, I promised myself i would stop by for one drink and I did! This lovely couple (so young and full of energy) still had plans for afterwards but I drew the line. I clearly was all partied out for one night.

Ending the month was Friday night with jamypye at Gallery & Co as I had coffee and watched her do her bible study homework. And today, I followed the Oscars from my desk at work, but it was all worth it as I saw tweets coming in with Leo's win. Finally. I'm so happy for him.

And because my sickness had delayed the CM's movie date (aka girls night out + Chris), we ended up seeing How to Be single a week plus later. I liked it a lot though. Clearly a great way to end the month.

What were your February highlights? Favourite things you did? Tell me everything!

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