Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Sick of being sick

I've been out sick and away from work for 3 days now (well technically 2.5 days, since I went in Tuesday morning and they sent me home). Ok, so I've been working from home but generally resting. The point is, I've been sick and this is weird. because I never get sick.

It started last Friday when my head hurt and then Saturday, i was feeling bad but I had a half-day of plans! And so I drank medicine and powered through the weekend but just couldn't get up on Monday morning and the doctor confirmed my fever.

It's weird being sick away from Manila where I live with a doctor and have 5 other doctors I trust on speed dial. Not that the doctors in Singapore aren't good. It's just that a) I have to pay them now (oh to be a doctor's kid and get all those freebies) and b) I just don't trust them yet. It's weird I know.

And so now, I've rested for three days (in between checking my email) and hope I'm good to go back. My cough is still here but not as bad as before and my voice is back (i was able to take a client call already) so I hope I'm on my way back to good.

I remember being a kid and wishing to get sick so I could skip school and don't get me wrong, I"m happy to be away from the office for a bit but I worry about all the work I've left behind and all the work that'll greet me when I get back that I get stir crazy lying in bed and trying to rest and get better.

I'm so happy my mom now has an iPad and I can message her and my dad about stupid questions while I'm sick, taking photos of my skin rashes and skyping my dad to show him my swollen tonsils. So weird, but I guess that's life living away from home.
Tags: employment, health

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