Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Currently: Self-Sequestering Herself From the World

It's going to be a social weekend and so I'm self-containing myself in my room on a Friday night so that I can chill before the storm. Technically, it's already raining like crazy outside so I'm already in the storm but the storm that is my non-social social life is coming and I'm already exhausted thinking of my weekend but it should be fun.

February is almost over. Can you believe it? I swear, 2016 is turning out to be insanely fast and crazy and I should totally take a step back and savour it a bit.

Loving: I'm a little obsessed with Rahul Kohli aka Ravi Chakrabati from iZombie. I don't know. I've been watching this show forever but I followed him on social media and he is insane. He's funny and sarcastic (and gets really adorable when he talks about his lady/missus/girlfriend) and is just an all around joy. I'm hooked. I'm in love.

Reading: I finally cracked open my Kindle (or rather my dad's Kindle) and I just finished The Love that Split the World which was interesting but not necessarily something that blew me away. I need better YA in my life! I'm now starting The Sound of Gravel which I think is fiction (if not YA) but it's set in a polygamy camp with sister wives so this should be interesting to say the least.

Watching: I blame glasswinged for getting me into The Shannara Chronicles. I didn't even know about this show until I saw it on her feed and now I'm all caught up and in deep. I didn't think I'd be into this genre of show and I know there are shit ton of shows I should be watching (i.e. The Magicians etc) so please continue to recommend me things and I will add it to the list. Promise.

Listening to: Spotify had this Valentines playlists app that was pretty nifty but other than that, I pretty much listen to whatever is on shuffle but Foxes new album is pretty amazing and DIIV that Clara introduced me too. I need my EMOTION of the year to come out already.

Working on: Feeling better and more upbeat about things. I've been through the birthday bl blues and the work slump and I'm trying to just be more grateful for being alive and living and breathing and being blessed. It takes effort to be positive and stay calm and not get so sad about everything so I'm working on it.

Anticipating: a trip! I know I just came from Manila in January but I don't have any trips lined up yet this year that's legitimate complete with ticket and itinerary and I think once I have that, I can look forward to something more in 2016. Technically, I'm just looking forward to the weekend, but let's think big. Right, 2016? What are you all looking forward to?

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