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11 of 11: when i say hello to 29

And it's another year gone age-wise and I break my 12 of 12 to take 11 12 photos on the 11th of the month, because why not? How different from a year ago when I was looking for work and this year, I spent the day at work. It's funny how things turn out and interesting all the same.

I'm so grateful and feel so blessed to feel so much love. Even from far away, friends and family sent their greetings and it always feels nice to catch up and reminisce. Thanks for all the lovely greetings.

  • Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
  • Post the pictures chronological order
  • Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
  • Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

    01. 12:06am, the dining room
    I started my birthday with finishing up my laundry and watching some Colbert and having chips, which I'd like to think is a genius way to turn 29. Clearly not the healthiest way to celebrate a birthday, but I'll try harder next time.

    02. 08:34am, my rom
    And it's off to work for me, but not before I try and motivate myself for the day. Today isn't particularly difficult (birthday vibes and all) but sometimes I need a pick-me-up. I was reading this article and it had so many amazing points but sometimes I do need the motivation.

    03. 09:40am, MRT
    My Kindle broke down late last year and my dad had given me his to use but I have been so remiss on reading this year (I'm behind!!!) that I finally registered his device to be mine and got my books in and now, it's ready to read. And yes, I put some washi tape on it cause the silicone was warping.

    04. 11:49am, Tiong Bahru room
    I tried clearing my schedule today to make sure I didn't have too much taxing tasks but I did get pulled into a serious business meeting and it was pretty intense but also pretty productive. I know, how intense could it be if I was able to take photos but I'm pretty sneak this way and I was but the note taker.

    05. 12:58pm, Bangkok Jam
    This is my favourite Thai restaurant in singapore because it serves non-spicy pad thai which I love too much. Unfortunately, they removed their lunch menus and so I've been forced to just get the pad thai sans thai milk tea. But it's good and a perfect way to have a birthday lunch. It never fails to cheer me up

    06. 01:31pm, 7-11
    It's so interesting to see how contraceptives and pregnancy tests are right next to each other displayed at the convenience store. This was so funny to me as Rashi and I were buying some snacks for the afternoon. Well if you try and fail, might as well get a test for it. Pretty genius.

    07. 01:35pm, Dhoby Ghaut
    I've been craving ice cream and I had some last Tuesday but it was pretty awesome to have a larger Magnum for dessert. Simple joys that aren't very healthy but it's always a nice treat and why not on my birthday. why not, indeed. Thanks, rashi for this treat.

    08. 01:58pm, my desk
    It's always nice to overwhelm myself with all the tasks I should be doing but not today. I'm so bad at remembering to do things, that I have to literally write everything down. This tool, trello has been my saviour and it keeps me sane everyday. Now when I don't write it down here, then I'm screwed but for now, I'm good.

    09. 05:51pm, Penang Lane
    So it's interesting that everytime someone has a birthday in our team, we take them away around this time so the team can get together at the pantry and sing happy birthday to everyone. And though I didn't want to assume anything, it was nice to get out and have some air before the day was over.

    10. 06:06pm, The Pantry
    And so it goes. Farhanah and I were surprised by the team to find everyone wearing masks of our faces. A little creepy, a lot adorable and just generally sweet of the team to do this. Plus the cake was really good. I do love some cake in the afternoon.

    11. 07:56pm, &Sons
    And it's dinner with the siblings. I can't say no to prawns on the menu. It doesn't matter how it's cooked (except if it's spicy) and this was my birthday dinner. Good end to the birthday, I'd like to think. Plus, my brother _lexizzle was able to take time away from work along with Ashna and my sister jamypye so it was nice to just do this together.

    12. 11:54pm, my room
    And it's time open presents! My sister was sweet and got me a perfume that I have been wanting but thought was out of stock because the store told me it was a limited edition and she found it! And she got me a book on how to pray which was thoughtful because I was talking to her about it My brother and his girlfriend got me this really cute list notebook on ranking crushes. It was very very sweet and so excited to use it.

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