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Auf Wiedersehen Twenty-Eight

I think the most important thing to note in this ‘voice post’ is that Livejournal NO LONGER supports the voice post. How insane is this? I am a creature of habit and having this one feature removed after nine years — thanks LJ for not even letting me reach 10 years — is pretty disconcerting to me. But see, I’m learning to be more adaptive to change and here I am looking for solutions to my petty problems as I say goodbye to 28.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I turn 29. The last year of my 20s. Looking back on my apparently last LJ voice post, I was in a very different place with very different concerns. I was unemployed and looking for work and here I am a year later, with a job and looking for something else.

28 has been crazy amazing. Lots of ups but also some downs. I get it, the good and the bad go together. I just hope that I’m better at coping with downs at 29. From moving away from home, to finding work, to living on my own, to traveling to new places and making new friends and experiencing new things, I definitely didn’t think 28 would turn out the way it did. I was most definitely pleasantly surprised.

And as the minutes countdown to 29 — although to be technical about it, I was born at 6pm — I look up at this print that Macy gave me that says ‘expect good things to happen.’ I consider myself a pessimist for myself and an optimist for others and maybe at 29, I will learn to be more hopeful and optimistic for myself. Expecting good things to happen, welcoming them with open arms when they do and being grateful for them.

Thank you to everyone who’s stuck around with my crazy these past 28 years. Through comment sprees and LJ silence, I really do appreciate every one of you. And here’s to expecting amazing, wonderful, fantastic things for 29. Happy birthday to me.

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