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Best of: January 2016

I have to say, January 2016 was crazy intense. Looking back at photos and just realising how much has happened in a month still blows my mind. 2016, you're off to a crazy beginning. I'm not complaining. I'm just exhausted. I clearly need to get healthier to be able to withstand and dive in to 2016 head on.

I love how I got to spend the first week of January almost completely in Manila. I packed the punch and squeezed in as many friend meetings as I could. All complete with a tarot card reading. I'm not very good at it, thus having to read from a book but I'd like to think it was an over-all positive reading for all my friends.

From my kinder/elementary/high school barkada (aka the dermatologists on speed dial), to my ex-colleagues/foot massage friends (and our ritualistic pancake dinner post-massage) with multiple doses of coffee, to Teeff, the girl who inspires me to yoga everyday even if I don't, to my college pals whom i haven't seen in forever a day and hanging out at Anna's place for a bit after, to Sophie, another friend from college (lawyer by day, art director in a pinch!), to my #kaladkarin girls (no photo because we were too busy catching up).

And surprisingly, I also really enjoyed visiting my old office (also not pictured here) and just dropping by cubes of all my ex-officemates whom I do miss. It was nice to see old faces and lots of new ones and just see how much has changed, yet stayed the same, too. It was just generally a fantastic way to start the year and end my stay in Manila.

And just spending time at home. Despite my being room-less -- technically I'm now squatting in Paola's room (aka my former room), it was just nice to wake up to very familiar surroundings, with my mom and dad around and our help and just super awesome feelings. Sure, I was also checking my email and trying to sneak in some work, but over-all, such an amazing break.

The day to day of January was pretty hectic, just getting back into the groove of work (which never technically settles down because retail and e-commerce put together just means there's ALWAYS something happening no matter what week it is), but there were bursts of activity that somehow still surprises me how I pull it off.

Though workdays are spent hustling during the day, the evenings, I've been lucky to either get to hang out with Sayaka and friends or have dinner out or just chill or trying to get back into yoga or trying to run if I'm not flat exhausted.

But then the weekends sort of turn into monsters that take all my Netflix and chill time and turn me into a social being. One weekend, I ended up at a brunch with my cousins and my cousin's cousin, Patricia -- who is just all sorts of awesome (not only because we share a name but because she's uber successful at what she does and has a fantastic home and is so well-traveled and is basically life peg material) and hosted the most amazing brunch with proseco and mimosas and sausages and croissants. I'm still thinking about that meal. After that brunch, I changed inside an uber (it was very rated G, promise) and headed to YOGA on a Saturday. honestly, who am I now? I'm pretty proud of myself. Vincent, whom my friend Teeff from Manila introduced me to is new to Singapore and we're going to try to be good students of Teeff and do yoga on the regular. Try being the operative word. Somehow, the mimosas didn't affect my balance and I survived yoga. But did I stop there? Of course not. I went to Rokas's not quite surprise 30th birthday arranged by Sayaka and it was a crazy ass time. I'm not a big barbecue person because it's so hot in singapore but this is a big thing among the expats and so I oblige and participate and have too much fun. Too many drinks (but lots of food) leaves for a loopy Patty who's just tipsy enough to be bolder and braver but also not quite drunk that I'm not aware of my actions or throwing up all over the place. This is a good buzz.

Then there's the weekends wherein there's less action going on but just enough good vibes -- complete with jamypye being a good influence and cooking food that's actually really healthy. My only contribution to the meal would be grating some veggies and washing dishes. But it was a great meal. We need more of these.

January at work wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Lots of the things I thought would happen (launches) didn't necessarily happen and though there were moments where I literally thought I was going to go crazy, as I look back on it, I'm somehow still alive. It helps that I've got an AWESOME team and support system. The CM team has been so good to me. From Rashi, just propping me up, to Sayaka, to Bern and carb o'clock and Zylia who's just picking up all my slack, I know they have my back.

And then there was that glorious trip back to Manila. AGAIN. For two days. Because it's a 3.5-hour plane ride and the reason I went home was too legit to not go. My little sister Paola is a Clothing Technology major and their batch had to stage a fashion show as their final project for one class. And so she's been slaving away for MONTHS, designing, sewing, marketing and just staging this crazy ass amazing fashion show made of the best 6 pieces ever. And so i spent a weekend in Manila, being the most embarrassing stage sister you could imagine (now multiply that by infinity and that would be me). But I'm just so proud.

And bonus treat, I got to meet my sister's friends, I got to see my friends again (I've been so spoiled!!!) and we all go to eat amazing burgers for dinner -- all of us, without the lady of the hour because she was still stuck fixing up stuff. And the next day, we ate some more. Because really, why wouldn't we choose to stuff ourselves despite being very full? What other options are there really? I don't know. Nothing.

And because we had to make sure the last weekend of the month was a bang, we had our house chilling for Becky and Kaulin, also known as newfound-friends 2015/16 and their very American-feeling apartment (Varma, 2016). It's true though. I'm amazed at how lived in and homey it already looks and they just moved in! I've been living here a year and my room still feels new. It was my introduction to games like Kings Cup (clearly a very non-college experience for me) and finding out that shotgun didn't just mean sitting up front. I swear, I feel like i'm experiencing things 10 years too late but hey, i'm here anyway. Then dinner, then more drinks, then karaoke and with the amount of alcohol consumed by the general group, it was clearly a riot.

I'm surprised I'm alive on a Sunday, writing this and having gone to brunch in the city! WHO AM I AGAIN? This year's mantra of saying YES to things sure is off to a pretty crazy start. I don't know what the rest of the year has in store but I'm glad January kicked it off like a fire cracker.

It's all good though because tomorrow, is February. Also known as my favourite month of the year. For non-biased reasons whatsoever. And it has 29 days this year. _lexizzle (who has not opened his LJ in 10 million years) is turning 7 years old! How were your January's ladies? please tell me everything.

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