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Currently: Trying to Start the Year Right

And hello to more than halfway through the month! During the 15th (last Friday), I had my one-year anniversary of when I flew to Singapore (jobless and homeless). It's been a crazy awesome and plain crazy year and I just can't believe how quickly (and also slowly) time flies by.

Loving: My independence. One year later, I'm still not over how I'm actually living away from my parents. I love them so much and miss them all the time but this taste of freedom after 27 years is pretty intoxicating and I definitely can't see how I could go back to the old days. I'm still learning so many things and I still can't cook but it's been pretty good.

Reading: I'm not a huge graphic novel fan but I got a copy of The Dream Hunters in the Sandman series and the photos are distracting me from progressing but it's been pretty good so far and definitely something I'd be interested in reading more about. I also went back to Goodreads after so long and realized there are so many books that I'm interested in again.

Watching: I finally caught The Beauty Inside and it was such an amazingly nice movie. EVERYONE. WATCH IT. It's a K-Movie at its finest form and I kind of need cutesy Korean Movie recs now. I think I need to do a K-Drama this year, too! I also caught Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the second time and it was still awesome the second time around.

Listening to: Every year since I started using Spotify (so that's three years now), I've been creating monthly playlists of songs I like each month and for January, I'm relying a lot on the Discover Weekly playlist. Stand-out song would be Jesse Rubens' This Is Why I Need You. His lyric: "You are the who, love is the how, this is the why" kills me every time.

Working on: My fitness again. I know it's the start of the year but 2015 was a revelation for me. I've signed up for yoga again and am starting my 10K training. I did a 5K last year -- even if I didn't technically join an actual race but I hope to do something for the 10K. I still don't want to run, but I do it anyway.

Anticipating: Going home this weekend! It's my little sister's final project for her university course and she's designed and sewn a 10piece or so collection and I'm so incredibly proud of her. I would not miss this for the world. So excited to see all that she's worked on come to life.

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