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12 of 12: When I somehow took pictures in between the hectic craziness

Today was not an easy day. Tuesdays are the worst at work just because it's the marketing meeting in the morning and the Buying Directors meeting in the afternoon. And on top of that, I just was not feeling today. I was feeling confused, frustrated and was not up for bullshit. But of course, there was lots of bullshit (internally in myself and externally, but that I can't control)

And so it was a miracle I even managed to take photos of my day in both overtly and covertly. Tomorrow is another day. It will be better.

  • Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
  • Post the pictures chronological order
  • Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
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    01. 12:02am, my room
    I started the day (or rather ended the day before) with the last parts of Happy Christmas starring Anna Kendrick who was adorable in it as always. I just love this girl to bits.

    02. 08:00am, my room
    Remember those prints I ordered through Parabo (where I paid for nothing but shipping) Well I finally put them up on my walls Sunday night -- after sleeping the day away and realising I needed to make something of the day. It's not straight, I know.

    03. 08:51am, playground outside our HDB
    This is the playground right outside our apartment and right next to the school. If I'm early (home) or late (to work), you'll see kids playing there. I love how the floor is always padded on these things. Fun to walk on.

    04. 09:21am, Dhoby Ghaut MRT
    I'm still in awe at the transport system here and will forever be grateful for it. This is one of the exits I don't take on my way to work. I could but then it would take a longer route. I like how everything looks nicely symmetrical.

    05. 10:33am, my desk
    You will see a variation of this desk every 12 of 12 just because I'm usually at the office anyway. And here I am with my Inbox Zero mailbox. I take pride in this and though it's crazy, I feel like having it at zero -- and obsessively labeled -- keeps me saner.

    06. 12:48pm, Kopi Tiam
    We're food-court-ing all week just because we're trying to save~ and it's interesting that my favourite Indonesian Chicken BBQ (That apparently isn't even Indonesian) always has the longest line.

    07. 01:13pm, Kopitiam
    And the remains of my lunch. Clearly, I forgot to take photo of it when there was actually chicken and egg and curry on it. But I must have been very hungry and just very over this day (halfway through it) for me to not care.

    08. 06:31pm, my office desk
    It most definitely was a junk food kind of day and with everyone coming back from holidays, there is no shortage on food that I shouldn't be eating. Clearly, I have zero self control. It was a tough day, we all needed it.

    09. 08:45pm, Dhoby Ghaut station
    And with that, it's finally time to get on our way home. Vertical and horizontal stripes all around because I'm obviously not obsessed with this print. For all the good things about this day, I'm just happy it's finally over -- work-wise.

    10. 09:01pm, NE line
    It's always fun to go home with Sayaka just because she's suddenly always on my train! She's been such a trooper to me today, listening to me rant and just being there. And yes, we're totally messaging each other across the train.

    11. 09:33pm, iEcon
    So I'm trying to save money this month and I'm seriously considering making sandwiches again for lunch to cut on costs. But then it would take effort, of which I have none, so I'll have to see and think about this again.

    12. 10:04pm, my room
    And with that I end the day in my room, watching Centre Stage because I needed a comfort-movie and some noodles and Mountain Dew. And yes, I've finally put up the Instax photos on my wall.

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