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All We Do Is Win, 2016

Happy new year my lovely LJ ladies! I can't believe it's another year. It doesn't feel very new or very different from a couple days back but it's always nice to start fresh. 2015 had a lot of lessons and far too many ups and downs but I wouldn't change a thing about it. And now, we turn the page on 2016 and though I never commit to resolutions, fully, it's always nice to have a couple of goals.

I will drink water before and after coffee or soda I've always tried to either cut on soda or caffeine and to drink more water but nothing works so instead, I will drink water before and after I have a soda or coffee. This way, it's 2 is to 1 ratio of healthiness to non-healthiness.

I will do yoga once a week and be present in it I literally was able to do yoga once-ish a week last year but I would always be very distracted by work and just not be in the practice which is counter productive to actually doing yoga so when I'm in the studio, I will be fully there.

I will learn to give constructive criticism and be the manager I'd want to have It's weird managing someone given I've never done this and given how I feel so inept at my actual role that I feel like I'm in no position to manage, but I have to and so I hope this year, I get better at managing my lone teammate

I will go on dates that don't require money So this is two-fold because this means I'm actually going on dates and SAVING money while doing it. The few dates I did go on in 2015 had me going dutch for 50% of them but they were also first dates so hopefully 2016 means second and third dates that require no money not just for me but for the guy, too. Equal opportunity here.

I will read books that interest me and quit those that don't I tend to stick to a book no matter how horribly it goes for me which ends up with me wasting a lot of time on a book I didn't even want to read to begin with. Whether non-fiction or self-help or fiction, I will only read books that I'm genuinely interested in

I will learn to cook one dish with an actual stove I did learn to make a sandwich in 2015 and that required zero flames (i'm scared of the stove) so I guess 2016 is the year to conquer the fear of the fire and just go for it. One simple dish can't kill me. I have enough recipes screenshots on my iPad to choose from.

I will not my waste my time, be more detached but will also keep an open mind I'm so hyper focused on getting into a relationship that I literally did anything and everything in 2015 that I could possibly do. Tinder? Yes. Dating? Sure. Open minded as I could be, I did a lot of things I didn't think I even wanted to do. Do I regret it? No, but I could have also saved a lot of time. In the end, I don't want to waste any time whether mine or his.

I will explore my city one of the awesome things about living in Singapore is there are so many neighbourhoods I haven't been to and whenever a friend visits, I never know where to take them. So it's going to take a lot of non-laziness for me, but I have to explore more and research and just get lost in this new place I have found myself in.

I will not be too ruled by my to-do lists It's funny cause I love them but they do tend to rule my life and hinder me from being more spontaneous. I took detours in 2015 while on trips but I can loosen up a bit more on the lists that rule all lists and just go with the flow a little bit more.

I will declutter my life and my wardrobe So I think I've pretty much brought 95% of my wardrobe to Singapore and those left in Manila are for when I'm home/sentimental reasons but now my wardrobe here has gotten exponentially larger and definitely not all will be worn. It doesn't help that my work has me looking at clothes all day (I'm so happy i'm not even that big a shopper) but I should regularly curate and edit the wardrobe and pare it down to the essentials. I survived on so little, I definitely don't need more.

I will pray more not just when times are tough It's difficult to keep a solid relationship with God and be consistent about my prayer. I only pray when i need something and tend to forget when times are good. I definitely want to get better about this. And be more present at mass.

I will like myself more, stop judging myself and know that I am enough This one is difficult but also the most needed, I suppose. My self-esteem could use some perking up and I'm not using this to fish whatsoever. I know my flaws and I tend to be too hard on myself. I'd like to see myself the way my loved ones do and believe in this. First world problems, I know. But we'll make it.

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