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Well it's been a crazy 2015, that's for sure. I can't believe I'm down to the last edition of this for the year. I always look forward to holidays but it just means the end of the year and that's always a nostalgic time of year. I'm definitely going to feel very emotional come the last days of the year, so it's nice to remember happy times. And here goes, the last Currently edition of 2015.

Loving: I wouldn't consider myself a mega fan but I did enjoy the original trilogy and definitely went to see the prequels in cinemas back in the day but with JJ Abrams on board, I was definitely excited to see how Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens would go. And so when jamypye offered me a free ticket, I definitely jumped on it and it was so good. No spoilers here, and I'm not a movie critic in the least but so good.

Crushing On: And given the #TFA loving, Oscar Isaac is a gem I need more of in my life. I'm definitely going to ensure that the last couple of movies I watch this year have him in it. And though I'm late to this party, I will leave you with this wonderful holiday tune that needs to have it's own full recording. I may be in Singapore but it sure does feel cold outside.

Reading: I should be reading books but I have a backlog of magazines and so I'm working my way through older issues. A lot of my 2-year subscriptions have finally run out so I'm definitely looking into new magazines to get in to. Any recommendations? I still love this medium (yes, in its digital incarnation) and are always on the hunt for interesting ones.

Watching: Because I do embody the legitimate meaning of Netflix and chill, I'm working my way through any original series this beautiful company has created this year and Bloodline is amazing. Other than having Coach in it, it's disturbing and amazing and so well produced. I've never been to the Florida Keys but I now want to!

Listening to: My year in music in preparation for my 2015 LJ Scrapbook in a sense plus my brother requires us to send him our top 10 albums of 2015 so it's a lot of looking back and seeing my dubious choices depending on my moods. It's a lot of Spotify playlists this year (including brokenhearted ones which apparently concern my friends when listened to all afternoon).

Planning: my last week of work (and work from home) game plan. I would have thought that after 12.12, things would slow down but it never does for us, I suppose. There's always a sale somewhere and these two weeks I'll be taking off from work will still be work-filled so I hope I make it work with some semblance of balance.

Working on: Getting through my my 2015 book and movie goals. I hope I get them out in time. I don't think I'll be able to reach my book goal but I'm sure as hell going to try. the movies, I started strong and slowed down these past two months which seriously hurt my timing but that I can fix quickly.

Anticipating: The holidays! I've packed all my Christmas gifts for home and am going to give out those for friends here in Singapore but the Manila friends and family gifts are going to have to suffer my usual procrastination of gift wrapping if at all. I'm excited that I got all my gifts done though. Achievement unlocked!

Wishing: I could magically appear wherever I wanted to sans visa. I don't know but being in Singapore (and stupid Tinder and all this distance) has given me lots of travel feels. But visas, and money and time and all that is keeping me from doing anything of consequence. Which is good, because impulsive Patty is not always a good thing.

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