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12 of 12: When a Saturday at work was actually required

Now that I work in e-commerce, my deadlines have gone from monthly (magazines), weekly (websites) and are now daily (campaigns). And so on the biggest sale day of the year (12.12), the marketing team was full force in the office. I have to say, it was kind of tough getting up on a Saturday but with booze and lots of pop music, we made it through.

In the end, not a bad way to spend your Saturday. Plus, we totally sneaked some shopping in as well. Christmas gifts? Done and done. Thank you very much.

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    01. 12:48am, my room
    Starting the day right by getting to bed before 2am. I've found that I've been going to sleep later than usual and so it's nice to be in bed and ready to sleep before 2am. This is a feat and I want to continue to sleep as early I can.

    02. 09:20am, the bus stop
    One of my colleagues, Christopher lives really close to me so we decided to hitch an Uber together on the way to work. I usually take the train (it's around 40 minutes from my door to the office door) but on a Saturday, why not splurge on an Uber.

    03. 10:54am, Kith Cafe
    This is a ridiculously expensive but really near cafe near the office and it has pretty good coffee and croissants. So it was free coffee in the office for me, but a 'treat yoself' croissant with butter and all warm. Seriously, good times.

    04. 11:56apm, the office
    And we were bribed to come in to work with a free lunch of pizza! I was honestly pretty puke-y at this point so I decided against pizza straight away but eventually gave in to some vegetarian pizza fare an hour or so later. I'm easy to convince this way.

    05. 01:44pm, the office
    It actually amazes me that a whole lot of folks showed up today. Some of my colleagues who literally had nothing to do on this day (hello, Sanket) still showed up even if to spend the day browsing the web (plus it's an automatic day off one day) but in the spirit of solidarity, it was sweet and super kudos.

    06. 03:00pm, the office
    It was also really interesting to see the numbers spike across the countries every time we'd do a flash sale in one of the 8 ventures. I'm telling you, people were just waiting for the sales to drop even more and the analytics proved it all. Pretty fun.

    07. 03:23pm, the office
    Are you sick of our office yet? Well there's more to come but for now, a photo of my team! That's Rashi, Sayaka and Bernice with Zylia MIA because she had already booked a vacation. But still! iT was nice to hang with these girls on a Saturday, QC-ing the different campaign pages -- aka a pretty good excuse to see what's on sale.

    08. 04:01pm, the pantry
    And then it rained. This was our pretty somber view from the pantry. The rain was on and off the entire day and it was nice to be indoors for a bit but we were going slightly stir crazy already not going out for lunch. So i was seriously hoping for some sunshine.

    09. 04:19pm, Cold Storage
    And so we ventured out. It wasn't quite sunny but the rain had stopped for a bit. One last booze run and just getting out to get some more food and junk food and oh, sorry all food is junk food when you're in the office on a Saturday. But first, the drinks!

    10. 04:46p, the office
    I took a couple more photos of my desk till the evening but this is the last one because we're all sick of my desk already. Here are the remnants of the truffle fries that got me through the afternoon. McDonald's reallyd does sell everything now.

    11. 08:04pm, MRT
    And it's homeward bound for me. I honestly thought I would be able to do more knitting in the office but it was quite the busy day that I couldn't bust out the needles. The scarf is a work-in-progress taking far too much time than I had anticipated. But not bad.

    12. 09:00pm, the living room
    And finally some dinner and Netflix (it's time for NARCOS) for me. I've missed vegging in front of the television so it was high time I did this. I had planned on doing 2 episodes and ended up finishing the rest of the series (around 5 more episodes). Well, so much for sleeping early again.

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