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So now I'm staring at the interstate screaming at myself, "Hey, I wanna get better!"

Things have been pretty busy in life in general and I feel like I've neglected my LJ life which I cherish so much as it's been with me for so so long (hello, 2014). And yet, I feel that I must do this. And so I apologise in general to everyone for being such a horrible LJ friend. I haven't answered comments in forever and I've been very sparse on my LJ Feed but do know I'm reading this.

Still, this is me giving everyone the freedom to cut me now. Not that I want you to, but you can if you feel like I'm being shitty. I feel guilty for not being able to comment as often as I used to and thus you all have a free pass. Which is funny because I'm about to pimp a friending meme but that's neither here nor there. I'm going to try to better but I can't guarantee it. I'll miss you if you leave but no hard feelings, for sure.

And I'm so so so late to this, but I thought I'd share it nevertheless because maybe is just a sweetheart and this gif (and movie) is really everything

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multi-fandom friending meme
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