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Best of: November 2015

November came and went crazy fast. I don't know how that happened but it did. And it was hella eventful just because I had two sets of visitors come over and lots of work stuff going on but it's all amazing (and tiring like hell, but I'm just old). Sweet November, it is.

And now, we're down to December which is insane. Because that's the last month of 2015. How can we already be at this point, everyone?! And really, where did 2015 go? Way too quick.

I've been attending the latter part of a Bible study series that I chanced upon because of my aunt in Bangkok and the 'young adult' version in Singapore was quite the experience. It's definitely not something I've done before but it was a pretty good experience with girls my age-ish. I wonder if I'll make it to the cut next year.

My parents and my friend glasswinged came over to visit at the same time. My parents were last minute but we managed somehow. But really, that was the insane week ever because the four days of November that overlapped were filled with socialization which isn't the usual for my loner self. Macy and I also had dinner with former officemates from Manila who are all based in Singapore now (two of which happen to be my roommates) so it was a nice little reunion.

It also had Taylor Swift's 1989 world tour which was incredible and just amazing. I don't know how Macy and I survived that night because it was epic and I didn't have a voice for like 3 days straight. I also don't know how I managed to still hold client calls. My colleagues had a laugh for sure.

Having the parents over means lots of seeing my siblings which is rare so it was nice to actually just see my brother and sister who live in the same country/city and yet are both so busy with their lives, too that we don't see each other as often. And yes, home-cooked meals from my mom. So this is just a win-win-win all around.

And because my work wife, Sayaka loves to introduce me to new things and make me a more social person, we ended up going to the airport for drinks with our other colleague Christopher after Yusrina's wedding (my first Malay wedding!) and then to a barbecue at night at another friend's place. I seriously passed out that night. My legs (in heels) never forgave me.

But November also means I went home again for the first of 2 back to back trips to Manila since May! One of my ex-officemates and wonderful friend, Brei married Brian (who I totally crush on and Brei knows this) and they're just the cutest couple in general. They took me surfing for the first time and took me to a beach over one weekend and I just generally like them as people. So it was nice to be invited and I would definitely not miss her big day. It was nice to take a day off from work (it was a Friday) to fly in to Manila and hang out with former officemates and catch up for a bit. Stunning bride and beautiful couple and wedding in general.

But this also means I get to see friends after a couple of months of not seeing them! So on a Saturday, I packed myself with activities. In the morning, I had massage after FOREVEr at Footzone. I realise how I spoiled myself in Manila with monthly massages -- which I can no longer afford in Singapore. But it's all good. The massage and breakfast with Koko, Blanche, Mimi and special guest Stephie was really nice. I've missed Pancake House food.

Then for a late lunch or more like Happy Hour, I had mojito after mojito with Lou, Aimee, and Macy (again) and we missed Chrissy but it was nice to just gab and gossip and have a general laugh with these girls whom I also used to see monthly in Manila.

Finally, the evening was reserved for my high school friends, Lee-Ann and Iza and their respective significant others (Lee's fiancee, Matt and Iza's brand new boyfriend, Gab). It's crazy. Back in high school, we were not the girls who had boys with them when we'd go out. I guess we're finally getting old.

Sunday was reserved for my family so it was nice to have lunch out with my parents, sister and aunt and just generally chill at home having a Downton Abbey marathon with my mom before heading back to Singapore early Monday morning. Manila weekends are the best.

We ended the month with a new experience, I came along to wake boarding. I didn't actually wakeboard because lady problems during that day and I wasn't feeling particularly sporty but it would be nice to try it again. Amanda, Sayaka, Alice, Chris, Rokas and I piled into a boat and went to Marina Country Club in my hood and spent the afternoon straddling the Singapore/Malaysia border. Perhaps next time, I'll get in the water.

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