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Currently: Making excuses to write about music

At the end of the year, my brother requires us to rank our Top 10 albums of the year and our favourite songs. Every year, it's a fun experience. But November has definitely added on the pressure with so many pop-tastic albums coming out, I really don't know what to do with myself. Watch me make connections to every single item on the list with music. Clearly, this has been a musical month.

Loving: Snapchat. So I gave in. I tried downloading it once and deleted it after 10 minutes. But then macysfields walked me through it and it's pretty damn addictive. My excuse is that it's where my brother (who never replies to anything) actually replies to me, but I'm pretty hooked. And yes, I follow Selena Gomez

Crushing On: The Perfect video. I know I'm late to this video. But One Direction pretty much made my month with Made in the AM and I didn't realise that the video was amazing. But it is. I can watch these boys in full color or in black and white. This is just perfection.

Reading: the not so good reviews for Spectre but surprisingly I liked it. I fell asleep in some parts but I'll blame that on me being tired while watching. I still prefer Casino Royale but this was pretty and had great production design. I can't believe it's the last, too.

Watching: I am kind of really in love with Master of None and the kick-ass soundtrack. Aziz Ansari has done it again and I'm loving how it's year of Aziz. I don't know how he does it, but it's just hit after hit. I'm not even an immigrant kid in the US but it's so relatable.

Listening to: Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake (LIKE A BOSS) at the CMA's with their duet at the CMAs. I'm telling you. It's LITERALLY on repeat so much, I did it on LISTENONREPEAT's website and well, you know the soundtrack to my work now.

Planning: On watching Grimes at Laneway next year! It'll be my first Laneway with me actually living in Singapore (and in general) and the line-up is pretty amazing with CHURCHES and GRIMES and so many more. Tempted, I am really.

Working on: Not feeling guilty about liking Justin Bieber's album a little too much. I didn't realise all the songs had videos with really cool dance moves. I can't pick one but other than Sorry, I really like Love Yourself too. I wouldn't call myself a Belieber, But I like it a lot.

Anticipating: Going home for my friend, Brei's wedding on the 20th! I haven't been home to Manila since May and I know that's not too far away, but it feels like forever. And because I'll see friends at the wedding, I hope there's dancing! Lots of dancing! Whitney + Derulo by Little Mix dancing, I hope!

Wishing: I had half of Adele's talent. No really. She's so young and so freaking amazing. I don't know what else to do. I don't wish for the heartache but to channel all that into this album? Bow down, bitches. Adele is back. What are you guys listening to???

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