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12 of 12: When I took a sick day from work

So the weekend before the 12th of the November, my parents were in town and so was my good friend macysfields and so when the 12th rolled around, after much entertaining and having fun, my body finally gave in and I took a rest day. But my parents were still here, so it wasn't like I wouldn't see them at all. No of course not.

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    01. 09:00am, my room
    So macysfields sneakily left this under my desk before we went to the airport and I'm very excited to hang it up on my walls next to the wonderful Taylor Swift prints we got from her swag bag. Lovely! Thanks, Mace!

    02. 01:09pm, my room
    Clearly, as I am on a sick day, I slept all morning and only woke up at around lunch to check my mail. And now, it's time to watch some Madam Secretary while I sort through emails I should and shouldn't have to answer.

    03. 02:52pm, the kitchen
    Just because I'm not feeling well, it doesn't mean I get to skip laundry day. I have 2 days a week for laundry and today was one of them so I might as well do a load while I head to the clinic to talk to the doctor.

    04. 03:18pm, Healthway Medical
    And in what was the shortest wait I've ever had at this clinic, I'm already called next after just 20 minutes of waiting. this is crazy and has never happened to me. I'm thankful though.

    05. 04:08pm, My bedroom
    And it's back to my bed where I am once again tempted to take a nap. Also of note are my duvet cover from IKEA's As Is section. It didn't come with the matching pillow covers but was more than half the price. I'll take it. Well, technically my parents took it for me.

    06. 04:30pm, the kitchen
    Oh look, it's time to hang up my laundry. I used to totally ignore care labels but then I figured I might as well hang to dry those that I have time to hang to dry. Let's not destroy all my clothes all at once, after all.

    07. 05:10pm, our building
    And it's time to head out to take a bus and rest at my sibling's place (aka 7km away from where I live) and have dinner with the parents. I haven't really eaten properly today but I'll take naps any day.

    08. 06:26pm, my sibling's dining room
    So, I tried joining a call at work but my prepaid load ran out (apparently, I was calling the UK dial-in plus I'm on sick leave anyway!) so instead, I indulged in the amazing binagoongan that my mom made.

    09. 07:01pm, my sibling's bedroom
    And so while waiting for dinner (yes, the first meal was a pre-game), I instead try to watch a couple episodes of Brooklyn 99 while napping a bit again. I swear, sick day naps are the best.

    10. 08:34m, my sibling's dining room
    And it's a feast thanks to my mom! My special request was sinigang na baboy and my mom made an amazing batch that I wish I could have finished all by myself. I was super stuffed but it was super worth the trip.

    11. 08:57pm, my sibling's dining room
    I'm not sure why I thought it was a good idea to eat dessert but the golden kiwis were really good (and it was my first time to try it). I don't think I'll be able to peel the fruit by myself but it was really good. I'm actually tempted to buy some.

    12. 09:11pm, my sibling's living room
    And now you get the back view of my dad who was trying to find something on the counter and I was lazily trying to stay away even if all my instincts told me to go to sleep. Spoiler alert, I fell asleep.

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    Also, in case you haven't yet, please do comment on the post above and let me know if you'd like a holiday card. You don't need to send me one. I just really like sending holiday cards.

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